Friday, September 02, 2011

September 2nd, outsourced

Not that any of us who travel with small children will need to know, but here's an article about how to sleep on a plane. Granted, it spends most of its time lauding the people who possess such skills, but that is right and proper, since those people are to be envied by us all. [HT Sarah]

According to this man's story, it's harder than ever to be Egyptian and Christian.

I thought it was bad when we were selling our house in Tucson and my pink bathrobe was showing in one of the photos of the master bathroom. I had no idea how horrible it could really be.

This is officially the saddest/weirdest bank robbery story I have ever heard.

From The Atlantic, here's an article about why advertising works even when we think it doesn't. I appreciated the roundup of memorable commercials, even though I hadn't seen some of them before.

I have never played The Sims, ever, but I was enthralled, entertained, and moved by this story about two homeless Sims characters, written by the characters' engineer. [HT Anna Ray]

I read a few years ago about how eyebrows are more essential than eyes when it comes to facial recognition. Now we have Celebrities Without Eyebrows. AWESOME. [HT Jen]

Finally, here is Abraham Lincoln's Yelp review of Ford's Theatre. [HT Scotty]


Liz Johnson said...

That Sims story is CRACKING ME UP! Hahahahaha. I also love the advertising link. I gotta admit, I almost teared up when I saw that Detroit/Eminem ad for the first time. I love it.

Bridget said...

Me too! I don't really care about Eminem, Detroit, or Chrysler, but that commercial was pretty neat.

Jen said...

Um, that bank robbery story broke my little heart. I can't even imagine.

On a happier note, I'm totally digging the sleeping-while-flying story. Joe's really good at it. He says the key is earplugs.


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