Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30th, outsourced

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Best. Simpsons Clips. Ever. According to Wired, anyway. I agree that they caught some of the best moments, but they lost me somewhere around Season 22.

Sometimes I remember my own experiences being spied upon in Russia and wonder if perhaps Jeremy and I and our embassy colleagues were all just imagining things. Nah, it was totally real. [HT Steve]

Read this article about Why I Want a Wife (written by a wife) and laugh at how far we've come. Or realize how much it matches your own life, whatever. [HT FMH]

I bookmarked this article about The Last Tourist in Syria a few months ago, but I was too sad to post it. I'm still sad, but things are not looking up so I'm going to post it anyway. Reading the author's experiences reminded me so much of our own - a lot has changed since we were there last year, but then again, a lot has remained the same.

In case you're thinking of getting a PhD, take a look at this infographic and maybe think again. I would say that Jeremy was lucky to make it through, except that there wasn't anything lucky about it - just a lot of old-fashioned hard work and sacrifice.

Everyone here is talking about the terrible tragedy that occurred in Dubai the other day when a mother and son died after separate falls from the same open eighth-floor window. They are also talking about the grotesquely unnecessary diagram that accompanied the Gulf News article describing the incident.

Finally, we have crap at my parents' house, which I really could have used about three years ago. [HT Suzanne]


Jen said...

That graphic illustrates PERFECTLY why Joe didn't pursue a PhD. He's an engineer...and a PhD essentially closes more doors than it opens.

(I would be curious about job placement for LDS PhD candidates...because I know the BYU system follows Mormon PhD students like a hawk--I was one of the BYU employees tasked to do it...Basically, I wonder if Mormon PhD's have higher job-placement rates IF they're willing to work within the BYU system....for a BYU wage.)

Liz Johnson said...

I feel all sorts of squirmy about that FMH article (and have since I first read it), just because it really illustrates my current life so well right now (except for that whole "docile, never complains, available at my beck and call" bit). But it's my choice... and I have plans for it to not always be that way. But geez, what kind of feminist am I?!?!

Also, I am still so incredibly creeped out by your Moscow experience. I would have been one of those people who became completely crazy. How do you not feel violated all the time??

Somebody should make an infographic about law school... except the end should just be flames with some guy with horns and a pitchfork talking about the incredible amounts of debt that you'll be in with no job prospects for years! Mwahahahahaha!!!! (luckily and thankfully, that's not totally the case for us, but Chris has classmates that have been looking for jobs for over a year with no good luck. some still work at the Gap. it's so sad. some have likened it to flushing $100,000 - plus living expenses - down the toilet.)

That article about the Dubai accident/suicide is so awful and sad, but seriously!? That picture?! So not necessary. And it triggers my BBC 9/11 coverage PTSD.

My parents also have weird crap at their house... I should document this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much time was spent making the step bu step graphic for the son/mother falling out the window? Really do people really need that?

Bridget said...

No, they do not! The article was clear enough about what happened. The graphic was in such poor taste. Ugh.

Liz, I definitely see myself in that FMH article, some times more than others. :)

Jessie said...

I just accidentally read "Stranger blogs" on your sidebar as "Strangler blogs".

Katie said...

I laughed so hard that I started crying (literally) when I read the posts about things at your parents house and then the post about the medicine boxes.

Anonymous said...

The Ph.D. infographic particularly resonated with me. I'm happy Scott got his Ph.D. since it was a long-held goal, but I'm very content with my terminal MA.


Kathy Haynie said...

The article about Syria made me sad, too. So sad. I just started a PSU class on Arab American Literature. I'll keep you posted.

And what do you mean, Katie, that you were laughing about things at your parents' house? Be careful or you may get something from the house for your next birthday present!!

Crys said...

Wow lots of great picks this week. I've been back three times this week. Have to love Crap at my Parents house...probably because my mom's house if full of stuff that makes zero sense! Loved the PhD graphic. Makes me laugh every time I see it. As for the suicide graphic...WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? How do you feel now realizing you were part of psychological torture. You should have thrown garemets all over the house. That would have been hard to get their minds around :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The stuff on "Crap at My Parent's House" makes my home look like "House Beautiful." Even though it really isn't.


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