Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100% humidity

Maybe this isn't a surprise since I don't check the weather status multiple times a day, but I have never once caught the status at 100% humidity. Even when it felt like 100%. Even when I was sure it was 100%. Even when it was so humid that we woke up to water dripping down the outside of the window panes and our sunglasses fogged up when we went out of doors. Every time I checked, it was 89%, or 94%, or 96% once, I think, but never 100%.

Well, this morning, I was so sure it was 100% humidity that when I got to class (the one I teach), I used the classroom computer to check. And what do you know: it was 100% humidity! Of course I was doomed to finally catch the weather status at 100% humidity on a computer where I didn't have an opportunity to grab a screen shot and email it to myself. So you'll just have to trust me.

Here's some visual proof:
That's what 100% humidity looks like. When the air is saturated with moisture, it can't accept any moisture from you, so you sweat a lot. As I was walking to work, I could feel myself collecting condensation on my eyelashes. It was crazy.

So now I've for sure experienced 100% humidity. I feel like I've joined an elite club, though I'm not sure membership is to be envied. Honestly, I try not to moan about the humidity here too much because I know it's good for my skin. I'm sure it's keeping me well preserved and young-looking (ha ha) and it's nice because we don't go through quite as much lotion or chapstick here.

So at least there's that.


Liz Johnson said...

Oh wow. That is not ok. I think I would prefer aging and chapstick.

Kathy Haynie said...

Silly me. I keep picturing you in a dry, desert environment. I had no idea.

Crys said...

That is so true...I almost never use lotion here...and only have to use chapstick when the weather gets cold and the humidity turns to snow. It is always a major shock to me when we travel to Utah. I feel like all the water in my body is being sucked right out! Nice way to accentuate the positive because that sweat all over you body...well those are the days I really hate my garmets :)

Jill said...

Oh garments in humidity are the worst! When I moved to Honduras, I put myself on tetracycline (thanks, no prescription necessary) because the humidity made me break out so badly. it always helps to remember that girls our age who have always lived in Arizona tend to look five years older

Lisa Lou said...

Yuck. But awesome picture!

Jessie said...

I can't even imagine. It got into the 90s for humidity on Statia and I honestly, til now, didn't even realize it was POSSIBLE to hit 100. I'm with Crys - when I'd fly out West, I could feel the moisture being sucked out of my body. But now that I've adjusted, I way prefer 110 and dry to 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity. Though it's not quite a fair comparison I guess, since I have a car in Phoenix and I hoofed it all over Statia.

I tried the dulce de leche recipe you linked to and IT TURNED OUT!! So so so good. Thanks for sharing.

Craig said...

It's approaching that time of year in Oregon where fog like that equates to cool temperatures. Which I know you don't have. Sorry.

JosephJ said...

That's an interesting distinction about 100% humidity (not necessarily the same as a rainy day). I think that anytime it's foggy, or at the time of day the dew falls you're at 100% humidity.

Recognizing that some parts of the world aren't subject to dew, it's when the air cools at the end of the day, and it becomes less able to hold the amount of water vapor in the air (cold air holds less than warm air), and when the temperature (dew point) is reached, the tiny droplets beyond the air's capacity fall out and settle on the grass/cars/etc.


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