Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011 @ Sharjah

We had another fun Halloween in the UAE this year. I felt like the UAE got a little more into it this year. For starters, while there were still super expensive pumpkins available, there were also these gems for only 15 dhs ($4) each! I couldn't believe my eyes...so I took a picture.

Magdalena was faithful to her Rapunzel costume idea all the way up until the day before Halloween, at which point she decided to be a kitty. Miriam drew the whiskers on for her.

Miriam has wanted to be a pirate for Halloween for months now. That's how you know your kids are growing up - when they choose something and then stick to it. We assembled this costume out of things we already had, except the sword, which Miriam designed and then fashioned (with help from Dad) out of cardboard, duct tape, and twine.

The rule about Halloween on campus at AUS is that you can only knock on doors where the porch lights are on and Halloween decorations (or a simple Trick or Treat sign the university sent out by email) are displayed. Just like in the US, some families here aren't too keen on Halloween. It's unfortunate that the divide here is sometimes perceived as falling along religious lines. I feel like we got the stink-eye from a couple of Miriam's Muslim friends as we heathen Christians walked by in our costumes. But maybe it was the stink-eye of envy, who knows? There were Muslims who got plenty into it as well, so like I said, it's really no different than in the US. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people feel that it goes against their principles, religious or otherwise. Whatever.

Halloween was definitely a success, anyway, and now begins the part where my kids beg me for candy all day, every day, until it's gone. The worst/best part is that I'm not eating any of it. Sigh. Maybe I'll tuck away a Bounty or two to enjoy on January 1st.


Crys said...

I love the costumes! The cat thing is totally cute. It looks like a costume my kids and their friends fight over back here all the time. Here in my neighborhood there apparently no rhyme or reason on who answers the door. Dr. J said our neighborhood was particularly lame. They only went to house that were lit and there were houses totally decked out in Halloween garb that didn't open. Um yeah that is weird! Meanwhile apparently they couldn't figure out how to get our garage lights on...who knows why and we still had people knock on the door. Dr. J of course made the kids walk the whole time. No stroller for Sadie. When I called she complained about it and told me she was really tired. She is an odd little two year old.

Liz Johnson said...

I think I might actually buy my kids' candy off of them (and then throw it away). Maybe $0.05/piece? Then they feel like they still win, and I feel like I win, too. Win-win-win.

Kathy Haynie said...

Are those kitty-cat shoes that Magdalena is wearing? Really cute costumes for both kids. Good for Miriam for developing a costume out of what she had on hand/made.

Susanne said...

A local dentist is buying candy from kids and sending it to our troops. I guess she would rather the soldiers have rotten teeth than the kids. :)

Cute little black cat there and what a ferocious-looking pirate!

Nancy said...

In one town I lived in, there was this JW family who always put a note on their door, calling Halloween an evil, pagan holiday...but that we were all welcome to stop by on November 1st for a piece of candy. And true to their word, if you did stop by on Nov. 1st, they'd give you a piece of candy. It was kind of funny. :) Like they wanted to participate in the fun...but not at the same time.

I think your girls' costumes turned out great!

And I'm with you on NaBloPoMo but I'm too lazy to go to your other post and comment there...so... :)

Amanda said...

I was trying to cut out sugar from the time I had my baby until my sister's wedding (approx. 1 month). Halloween has sadly derailed me. How many crunches do I have to do for each mini Snickers?

Anna said...

I love Miriam's pirate grimace. What a scallywag.


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