Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy (un) Thanksgiving!

It doesn't really seem like Thanksgiving this year. Jeremy and I both have work, the girls both have school, and in addition, I'm invigilating (don't be alarmed - that's what they call 'proctoring' here) a midterm this afternoon, after which I have class until 8pm. Happy Thanksgiving to me!

I'm not really complaining. After all, we got a week off earlier this month for a holiday we don't celebrate, and we enjoyed our time. It's only when it comes around to the American holidays that I feel like pouting because it's business as usual in the UAE at large. The best deal we ever had was at the embassy in Moscow. There, they gave us the Russian holidays AND the American holidays.

Anyway, we're having Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Saturday afternoon. I can't wait!


Kathy Haynie said...

Whoa, invigilating sounds like there should be weapons involved, or something. Good luck with that! How did your midterms go?

Crys said...

Oh I want to work for a us embassy...double holidays, that job just keeps sounding better and better! I brought gift cards to our nurses today....sometimes medicine is lame- o! Have a great Saturday thanksgiving. Can't wait to see pictures!

Liz Johnson said...

In high school in Mexico, we got the Mexican, US, and Jewish holidays off every year (a lot of the kids at the school were Jewish). It was AWESOME. But the school year went from mid-August to late June. But still.

Happy Un-Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Happy Thanksgiving anyway!


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