Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25th, outsourced

NERD ALERT: I'm re-reading The Master and Margarita, mostly in English but with the Russian by my side, available for constant comparison. That's why I'm fascinated with this discussion about which English translation is better. Apparently I am reading the much-mocked Glenny (though to be honest, I think it has some quirky, old-timey charm about it). I think next time I'll go with the Ginsberg. /NERD ALERT

OK, maybe the nerd alert isn't quite over yet: check out this guide to your favorite map projections.

Here are some more amazing pictures of the stuff going down in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

I will never take a bendy straw for granted again.

OK, I get that what the pepper-spraying cop did was a disproportional response at best. But here's some context for you.

I don't know that I have ever seen such an incredible collection of photographs! I'm so glad I'm not the one who has to decide which one is best. And remind me to never travel to Sindh, Pakistan, EVER (see picture #8).

It had been a while since I'd watched Hamish and Andy practicing their ghosting, or their three-step hiding game. So I watched it again. [HT a few years ago, Scotty]

I can't stop giggling at this article from The Onion: "Area Father Praised For Helping Raise Family."

Wait, so they're Amish, and it's hair attacks, and the guy's name is Mullet...? I can't...the words just...whaaaaaaa? [HT BCC]


Spencer said...

Master and Margarita is my favorite Russian novel (well, maybe top three, but still). It was the first that I read entirely in Russian, mostly because it came up so often in talking to people on my mission that I was anxious to read it when I got home.

Brilliant novel on so many levels. Hope you're enjoying it.

Bridget said...

Spencer, I read it for the first time in English, but in Russia. Then I read it in Russian, in Russia. It's one of my favorites, too. Have you ever read it in English? If so, which translation?

Sarah said...

I went to Patriarch's Pond the other day and was reminded that I want to read Master and Margarita. I'm new to Russia and all things Russian, so I'm trying to read some literature. I think it's a great way to get into the culture-mind of the people.

Spencer said...

I've never read it in English, though the conversation you linked is interesting. (Perhaps more interesting in that it discusses the merits of the translations without reference to the Russian.)

The texts you should really keep your eye on as you read Master and Margarita are Faust and the New Testament--that makes for interesting reading.

"Я - часть той силы, что вечно хочет зла и вечно совершает благо."

Bridget said...

Yeah, I thought it was strange that none of them seemed to be looking at the Russian, but whatever.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I read the entire book in Russian. But a goodly portion of it, that's for sure. My favorite parts of the book are the Понтий Пилат parts. That imagery has stayed with me since the first time I read it.


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