Friday, November 04, 2011

November 4th, outsourced

Somehow I missed sharing this last week: Hacked, from The Atlantic. What's really funny is that it was published the day after I got an email from my brother saying he was robbed in Spain and needed me to wire him money. I remember the days when you chose a password that humans couldn't guess. Now we choose passwords that computers can't guess.

Does your interior designer friend have her own gorgeous textiles business? No? Well, mine does. Check out the beauty that is Caitlin Wilson Textiles.

The only prior knowledge of Sandra Lee that I have comes from that terrible Kwanzaa cake video (also the one with Mario Lopez and the "$400 cake," but I can't find it). So I was able to take this video (The Best Four Minutes of Sandra Lee's Ridiculous Halloween Special) entirely in stride. Especially the part about having my own craft store...? [HT GFY]

To add to all the confusion surrounding the Emirates IDs, apparently you're supposed to show up for your (passport-sized) photograph session wearing national dress. My favorite comment from the article is the Mexican asking if he needs to wear his sombrero. [HT Andrew]

I wish I could be a teenager again so I could pull this dummy trick-or-treater prank on people for Halloween. [HT Andrew]

I was getting tired of all those recent inapplicable (to me) articles about how cheap wines are just as good as expensive ones, so I appreciated that this one was about maple syrup instead.

Foreign languages, translation, AND baby names. I'm in heaven.

In Mormons in the News news, anti-Mormonism is bigotry too. Also, maybe we are Christian (The Economist thinks so) (and I'm also thrilled to learn from that article that Glenn Beck is "fading"). All I have to say to the writer of this anti-Mormon letter is...well, nothing. I have no words. There ARE no words.

Finally, I bring you a link to my friend Crystal's blog. She went into labor with her fourth child almost three months early and ended up in the hospital. Her baby was born almost a week ago, at 29 weeks. Some people shut down and disconnect when something scary like this happens, but Crystal has remained very open about her experience and has documented it day-by-day on her blog. And I think the blogging universe is better for it.


Jen said...

So, I'm going to admit right here on the internets that I giggled at the 'I Hate Mormons' letter to Sir Fallows. It's THAT ridiculous. With so many arguments about Mormonism out there, HE CHOOSE THAT ONE!?!? And with all of this Mormons In The News news (your excellent phrase, of course), I sort of wonder what the Church PR people are know? Like...are they super happy because any news is good news? (I tend to lean that way.)

In other news, after reading the Funny Anti-Papyri Letter, I clicked 'Next,' only to find one of the most horrific (and AMAZING) analysis of Republican presidential candidate tax plans ON THE PLANET.

Jen said...

p.s. Crystal, you are awesome. And your baby is beautiful. Thanks for blogging about it.

JosephJ said...

Sugaring, Perrin observed, "is not really a commercial operation. It is that happiest of combinations, a commercial affair which is also an annual rite, even an act of love."

I am a BIG FAN of syruping for these reasons, I think. To me it epitomizes authentic New England. Thanks for pointing me to the history lesson.

Bridget Palmer said...

I knew you two would appreciate that article. :)

elliespen said...

Shoot, why didn't somebody tell me I worship a penis god? Or even an Egyptian god? Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!

Bridget Palmer said...

I know, right??!?

Suzanne Bubnash said...

. . .the article also reveals the gods Mormons worship: The Egyptian sun god Ra and the ithyphallic (with erect penis) pagan Egyptian god Menu-ka-mut-f. The Mormon Holy Ghost is Nehebkau, an ithyphallic snake god . . .

Why didn't someone tell me 39 years ago when I joined the Church??

Liz Johnson said...

You guys don't worship a penis God?

Honestly, Crystal's blog takes the cake this week. Her adventures with her baby are so well articulated! I loved reading them. Here's hoping that they all get to be home together as soon as possible.

Liz Johnson said...

(gah! i feel the need to clarify in case my sarcasm wasn't clear. mormon here. i don't worship a penis god. the end.)


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