Thursday, December 08, 2011

BYU-Idaho's official position on skinny jeans

YOU GUYS. I thought the glory days of self-righteous arguments about the immodesty of one-strap backpacks were over. Turns out, they're alive and well, at least at BYU-Idaho, but they've moved on to skinny jeans. Behold.

That article at once fills me with indignation and glee. Indignation, because who the HECK FIRE does that guy think he is, treating Miss Rachel Vermillion like that? It must have been humiliating.

And then glee, because I am thoroughly enjoying the firestorm that has erupted around this incident, but only because most people (even the Mormons!) are saying that Miss Vermillion should have been able to take her test. I'm glad to know there are still right-minded individuals out there.

Gosh, there is so much more to say:

- Pants show the shape of your legs, pretty much no matter what. Sorry, that's how it is.
- I can't believe I have now experienced James 1:6 being applied to skinny jeans. Again, I have a love/hate relationship with this (love, because it is just so crazy, and hate, for the same reason).
- I am really trying to hold back on judging the male employee but he sure seems like a jerk. I would love to hear his side of the story, like maybe he had a quota for the number of women he had to turn away and it was getting late? Ha ha.
- In my days at the BYU, we mostly heard complaints from the men about being turned away from the Testing Center for too much facial hair. I guess times have changed.
- I swear I heard a story once about when jeans were not allowed at the BYU (yes, really) and a woman wearing them was denied entry to the Testing Center. So she took off her jeans and buttoned up her long coat and went in to take her test like that. If true, that is AWESOME.

Sorry if this post didn't make sense to anyone who is not a Mormon. I have class in 20 minutes so I didn't have time to explain, but I really wanted to get this particular piece of hilarity out there.

PS - here is "the official position of BYU-Idaho on skinny jeans." I can't believe that phrase even exists!


Glenda The Good said...

Wow Bridget thanks for bringing this to my attention...I have so many things I want to say, but just think it would push me over the edge so I won't. I'll try and just send you my opinion telepathically :)

B said...

That story is true. I taught a class where I talked about it and a kid said it was his mom.

Jen said...

So, I was both hoping and not hoping you'd post about this. All at the same time, because I've been trying to remain calm about all of this--I don't need to unleash my wrath on the internets....right?


I will say this: THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE SKINNY JEANS. It's not immodesty. It's not even BYU-I's stance on skinny jeans! (If they want to outlaw skinny jeans, then fine. Not my problem.) The PROBLEM is the alleged overt self-righteousness of the testing center employee. FOR. THE. LOVE. (Did you read the part about the signage he put out--and had to change--about prayerfully contemplating your clothing choices and that if you came in dressed immodestly you clearly did not PRAY PROPERLY ABOUT IT!?!

I, too, would like to hear his side of the story...because this sort of self-righteous alienation and condemnation of others makes me cranky.


Nancy said...

The one part that gets me is when she tries to say that because she's "curvy" she fills out pants more so they look tighter.

Can I just say that no matter what pants I wear they look like "skinny" jeans because my legs are the size of toothpicks? I have had people accuse me of wearing skin tight pants...when I have to wear belt to keep my pants on at all. Pants are not skin tight if they fall down to your ankles when you least expect it. Just sayin'.

Still, I think it's outrageous the way she was treated.

Andrew was once pulled aside in the library while he was working because his hair was touching his ears. He was seriously given an "honor code warning" and was told they'd be watching him. Since my husband, like yours, has some strange fantasy about being bald and most often has his head shaved nearly bald, anyway, I was shocked—it wasn't like his hair was that long and unruly.

Anyway...yup. I think the issue of modesty pushes a lot of buttons for a lot of people. :)

Bridget said...

Jen, I know, right???

Shannan said...

I cut and copied the part of the article to paste here, but I see that someone else already did it.

I agree - what's the passive aggression here - "pray about your clothing choice and if you still feel like wearing skinny pants, then perhaps you didn't pray properly about it".

As a faithful Chrisitan, it is so hard to read and hear things like this. It's like people are threatening you that because something happened to you, it's because you didn't pray hard enough. It's not just a Mormon/BYU thing, it's a human error thing.

Jen said...

p.s. how much do you love that he used the term "skinny pants?"

Liz Johnson said...

BAHHHHHHHH. Ugh. I can't even form coherent thoughts on this without wigging out and my brain spurting out words and phrases like POLICE STATE! and PHARISEE! and SELF-RIGHTEOUS! and INDIGNATION! and SET THINGS ON FIRE!

And so on.

Jennifer said...

Wow. This is ridiculous.

Katie said...

AAAAAggg. There are no words. No words. This is why I DO not want to move back to Utah. To be surrounded by people who are like this guy.

Katie said...

Ok, I do have to say ONE thing. What outrages me the most is that some student worker at the testing center or professor even has the right to deny a student anything because of a violation of the honor code. Hello-it's called the HONOR code, which means that here are the guidelines and it's between you and the Lord if you feel you are upholding them. They should rename the job title of someone who works at the testing center "personal judgement expert-self righteousness required to apply"

Sarah-lucy said...

Check out this picture of one of the posters that was posted in the BYU-I testing center.

There is no need for a poster like this to have ever existed. It sounds like some employees at the Testing Center got a little power happy.

And here is a picture of the Rachel Vermillion, which she posted on facebook, of the exact outfit she was wearing when she was denied admittance to the testing center.


Pajama Jeans said...

Thank you for explaining this Idaho-based university's stand on what is appropriate to wear on-campus. Are all jeans banned or just the skinny style?

Katie Lewis said...

Sadly, I didn't see this post until you linked to it today and now both of the BYU-Idaho links are dead ends. Probably because they took them down. Not sure why they'd do that though.


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