Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30th, outsourced

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If you are someone who enjoys being inspired, you will like this video.

If you are someone who enjoys amazing piano music, you will like this video.

Have you ever wondered what the Disney Princesses would look like in real life? [HT Elena]

The Arab Spring, in videos. Not all of them are touchy-feely inspiring, by the way, so take care what you watch.

The only person I understand less than Bashar al-Assad these days is Asma al-Assad. [HT Suzanne]

A few weeks ago we saw the honorable mentions. Now we have the winners of the National Geographic photo contest.

Remember last week when I confessed an interest in women giving birth in a country other than their own? Well, a few days later, I found this blog, all about just that.

Advisory: if you are Sudanese, and you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, and you happen to give birth to quadruplets, be aware that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi may cover your hospital bill. Awesome.


Crys said...

Even though I knew Holland was going to stat crawling when it came to that point in the story I got chocked up. Really great! I'm pretty sure I could care less about the games themselves but I love sports because I'm a sports story junkie :)

Señora H-B said...

Thanks for the inspirational video. PhD = finish line. It doesn't matter if I have to crawl to finish my dissertation. I'm going to do it.

Myrna said...

Always such interesting things you find! Loved the story about the quadruplets!

Cait said...

Interesting how seductive the princesses of color are (minus the frog one, whatever her name is, i can't remember) but the white princesses are all rosy-cheeked and innocent. Even Ariel, who wears less clothes than any of them looks fresh-faced and pure.

Liz Johnson said...

That piano video was INSANE.

Also, is it just me, or does Rapunzel look like Amanda Seyfried? And for some reason, I find the Pocahontas recreation the most, uh... disturbing.

Susanne said...

The blog looks so interesting. I should have my grandmother contribute! :) She had one baby in France, one in Niger and another in Nigeria. I wonder what stories she would share about that! I should ask her before she dies.

My Syrian friend was born in Germany. I should ask his mom what it was like birthing twins in Dortmond in 1985. Those do sound like interesting topics.

Thanks for the good links always!

Bridget said...

Yay, Senora H-B! Let's hope it doesn't come to crawling but good luck!

Cait, interesting point! Liz, I think the artist might have based some of the characters on real people because Sleeping Beauty looks like Claudia Schiffer to me (and I agree with you about Rapunzel).

Liz Johnson said...

Sleeping Beauty DOES look like Claudia Schiffer! Excellent catch.


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