Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today when I dropped her off at school, Magdalena begged me to let her ride her scooter home later that day. So when it was time to pick her up, Miriam (who is on winter break right now) got on her scooter and together we walked to the school. I was carrying Magdalena's scooter and also holding the leash of our foster dog. Did I mention we have another foster dog this year? Her name is Judy.
She's a rescued street dog, just like Snowflake was, so her leash-walking skills are very poor. She zigzags all over the place and cuts you off like nobody's business. We were quite a spectacle walking to the school - a girl, a scooter, a mom, another scooter, and a dog. But that was nothing compared to the spectacle we were a few minutes later when, not 100 meters into the walk home, Magdalena decided she was too tired to ride her scooter. Then we were a girl, a scooter, a mom, a girl, a scooter, a backpack, and a dog. And one of the girls was crying.

There was really no choice but to just press on. Magdalena cried the whole way home and wanted me to carry her, which was physically impossible since I had Judy's leash in one hand and Magdalena's scooter in the other. It was the longest 800-meter walk home EVER and we made quite the spectacle of ourselves. The best part was when Judy zigzagged right in front of sad Magdalena and tripped her. Sigh.

But it turns out Magdalena really was tired, because a little later, this happened:
I submit that to fall asleep on the floor in the middle of playing, you have to be pretty dang tired. The end.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Sometimes I feel like that picture.

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Matthew said...

Loving the shoe matching in the final pic!


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