Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 Stats

Here are some blog stats for your review/entertainment (2010 stats here).

Bridget of Arabia 2011 Stats

Total posts: 269

Total number of comments: 1939

  • Average number of comments per post: 7
  • Number of posts with no comments: 1 (this one)
  • Highest number of comments on one post: 35
Number of subscribers (Google Reader only, I don't know how to find out anything else): 183

Most-discussed posts:
  • bridget of arabia
  • hey dude
  • arabic
  • woombie reviews
  • h&m return policy
  • woombie
  • bridget palmer blog
  • my adventures in tucson
  • bridget of arabia library provo
  • h and m
2011 Visitor Overview

What is that dip on 29 September, do you suppose?
  • Visits: 50,953
  • Absolutely unique visitors: 17,861
  • Pageviews: 116,458
  • Average time on site: 2 min 8 sec
Top Referring Sites
About 55% of visits to this blog comes from referring sites. That means that the visitor clicked on a link somewhere (facebook, another blog, etc.) and ended up here. This is as opposed to simply typing the address in the address bar the old-fashioned way. So if your blog is listed below, it doesn't mean that you personally were clicking away madly at links to Bridget of Arabia - it just means some of your visitors were.
  • Magdalena's private blog
  • LinkWithin widget
Top Countries

  • United States (73% of total blog visits)
  • United Arab Emirates (7%)
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Tunisia
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Singapore

Top States
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • California
  • Oregon
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Maryland
I think I've been misreading this chart all these years. I thought I didn't have readers in all 50 states but it turns out I do. Delaware and South Dakota are tied for the sparsest concentration of fans, with only 19 visits each in all of 2011. Perhaps even more disturbingly, Idaho is not even in the top ten for visits. Perhaps my in-laws don't read my blog anymore??

Reader Browser of Choice
About 3/4 of the people who view Bridget of Arabia are right-minded individuals. The other 1/4 uses Internet Explorer.

Thanks for indulging me, and thanks to Google Analytics!


Katie said...

Mostly I'm impressed that you know how to read your stats at all. I'm terrible at reading my stats. I check in on them now and again for an ego boost (or lack thereof, depending on the day), but then I basically ignore them after that.

Happy 2011 and a happy new 2012 to you!

Jill said...

How do you know the google readers subscribers? I used to know how, but they changed it

Jessie said...

If you changed your blog template and didn't reinstall your Analytics code right away, that could explain the dip. I did that a while ago - couldn't for the life of me figure out why all my readers simultaneously quit my blog.

Jessie said...

Waitasec. How is your "visits" lower (much lower) than your "unique visitors"?

Susanne said...

Enjoyed this - glad you shared!

Bridget said...

Jessie - fixed. I have no idea where that number came from.

Jill, I just click on my blog in Google Reader and somewhere in there is "details." It tells you the number of subscribers (and average posts per week, etc.) there.

Kitty Crazy! said...

Oh Bridget, I read your blogs all the time. Sometimes I'm a day or two late, but I love your blogs. I'm always telling Stan to read them, but I don't know if he ever remembers. You are such a talented writer!-Janice


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