Tuesday, January 03, 2012

H&M and a pool

Two recent shopping experiences gave me pause.

1. Not to complain about H&M again (because I love that store), but I had another unfortunate experience where the final attitude of the staff was "we don't care." Take a look at this rack of girls' leggings:

How much do you think they cost? If you said 29 dirhams, you're WRONG, as was I when I took a few pairs up to the register. It turns out that most of them cost 49 dirhams. When I protested, at first the cashier tried to tell me that I must have grabbed the leggings from a different display. So I physically walked her over to the rack and showed her the display sign that clearly said, "Leggings, girls 1-8 years, DHS 29." That really stumped her...but only for a moment. Because then she told me that oh, the signs only display the lowest price of any item on that rack. Somewhere in there is a pair of leggings that costs 29 dirhams. If the pairs I actually pull from the rack cost 49 dirhams, well, it's on me to notice that.

I escalated the situation (nicely, I promise) to a manager, and then to his manager, and the answer I got was the same: H&M signage is allowed to post the lowest price of an item in any given display. I have a problem with that, and I'll tell you why. "Leggings, girls 1-8 years, DHS 29" to me means that any leggings in that display that are size 1-8 years, for girls, cost 29 dhs. If they want it to mean otherwise, they need to change the wording. How about, "Non-patterned leggings, girls 1-8 years, DHS 29"? Or "Leggings, girls 1-8 years, DHS 29 and up"? The way it stands, it's just plain flat-out lying. Too bad the manager was deaf to my protests. So I just filled out a complaint form (which maybe they threw in the trash after I left). And then wrote this blog post.

2. Outside of a sporting goods store in Festival City, we found a mini trampoline on display. Right next to it was a set up, filled up swimming pool. Does anyone besides me see that as a glaringly obvious safety hazard??
And now I'm wondering if the pool really costs 289 dhs or if the sign just says that, or 289 dhs is the cost of the water, or something. Hmph.


Liz Johnson said...

Yeah - agreed. That is flat-out lying. "29DH and up" would be totally appropriate, and how they most often do it here in the US.

And I'm sure 289DH is the cost of the smallest size of the pool, but the one displayed is at least twice that much. :)

Liz Johnson said...

(DHS, not DH. obviously I am not used to conversing in dirhams.)

Bridget said...

No worries, Liz. I think DH is actually an acceptable variant.

Thanks for validating my response to the H&M pricing. Grr.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yay for standing up to the lyin' snakes at H&M.

Katie said...

Even though the two things are clearly unrelated, I'm in the same sort of mood after some rude comments left on my not-rude blog post today and reading this made me feel better. I guess because I want to go back and write a post like this, but I feel like I can't. I don't know. Maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow and do it anyway. What I mean by all this is, I like the post. And I totally agree with you. That is definitely false advertising.

Bridget said...

I know, right? I even told the manager that if what he said was really H&M's policy, then they can put a sign on the front of the store saying "H&M clothes, 1 dirham" and it would be accurate, according to their definition, as long as ONE THING inside the store were 1 dirham.

I don't think he understood me.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Hike things up a notch by sending a letter/email to H&M corporate.

My biggest shopping complaint used to be Old Navy, in the days that I was forced to go in there by teenagers. More than once every single pair of jeans had been dumped on the floor in a chaotic 3 foot high pile, and yeah, unruly shoppers are a retailer's nightmare. But I mentioned it to the manager, that it was ridiculous for a customer (me) to have to paw through the pile on their hands and knees and he said, "what do you want me to do about it?" At the moment all I could blurt out was "you're the manager, you figure it out." An employee overheard and asked me what type and size we needed, then SHE pawed through the pile to find it. If I owned a business I would have hired her on the spot. And shot the manager.


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