Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27th, outsourced

I had to strip this image from its source in order to not give away the answer: can you tell what these are?

Here's a moderately entertaining video spoofing Lionel Richie's "Hello."

All those babies who were adopted from the former USSR (and other places) are teenagers now and seeking out the countries of their birth. Fascinating.

This article about an Arizona political candidate's English proficiency coming into question interested me on so many levels. Not least of which was the part where the BYU's own Dr. Eggington was called in to consult on the case.

This is an old article, but it's never a bad time to share an argument for email communication being more efficient and less bothersome than telephone communication. I know there are times when the phone is best...and yet.


Crys said...

Love the hello. Wonder how long may hours that took to do. Also I totally had no idea what the picture was, but then when I saw the answer I thought how did I not see that!!!! Have you heard this story Sort of horrible, but then I've always loved Ireland. What would it have been like to an Irish Mexican....guess I've got mixed feelings on the whole thing. Yes I'm a scuz.

JosephJ said...

Yeah, I was looking for flag color density or bar charts. Now that I "know" the answer, I can't NOT see it.

Always neat to see what you dig up.

Liz Johnson said...

I realize this isn't on your list, but I listened to a fascinating Diane Rehm show on Wednesday about picking up language and music.

It made me want to make my entire family do Mandarin immersion for three months, and also learn to play the drums/piano/cello/etc.

And that picture/link is brilliant. I love it times infinity.


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