Friday, January 06, 2012

January 6th, outsourced

Unfortunately, we didn't go, but the fireworks at the Burj Khalifah this year were AMAZING...

...but were they so amazing that it was worth it to not get home (within the city of Dubai) until 5am? I'm not sure.

This is winter in the UAE. [HT Ashi]

It is a fact that I read this article well after midnight when I was taking a break from working on a paper all day, so it's possible I was a little slap happy. But still, HILARIOUS.

Also hilarious, and smart, and true: Why the GOP Nomination Should be a Romantic Comedy. [HT Liz]

I loved reading about this cartographer's beautiful, handcrafted map! [HT Ken Jennings]

It's possible you will violently disagree with her, but Katie at The Red Kitchen has an interesting take on what baby items are worth it.

I'm trying to decide if this guy's tale of lost luggage is better than ours. It certainly involves more policemen. [HT BCC]

Now I am officially allowed to say, "When I was a student at the BYU and lived in Heritage Halls, there were six girls in each apartment and only one bathroom." Because apparently it's not like that anymore.

You WILL end up watching this video a few hundred times. [HT Anna Ray]

I loved this article if for no other reason than that the rule about the shameless attention-getting headlines you see these days is SO TRUE and should be implemented immediately. [HT Jen]


Jen said...

I am so so so so glad you posted about the Heritage Halls re-do. I nearly posted it on Facebook, but then realized that a good chunk of my friends got the same Alumni Association email I did.

And what's with the peninsula in the kitchen? And the gigantic windows? And the view of something other than a brick building?

Sorry. I DO think enough time has passed that we have earned the right to scoff. (13 years in the fall, Bridget.)

Liz Johnson said...

What's crazy to me about the Burj fireworks is how low the fireworks look compared to the building. Like the ones shot up into the air look like they're only ten feet high... which just goes to show HOW GIGANTIC that building is.

And yeah, Heritage Halls? I kind of want to live there again. Geez. Individualized lighting schemes?! FOR REAL?!

And this is a minor quibble, but that map says that each airport gets its own airport code, yet "MDW" for Chicago-Midway is conspicuously missing from the screenshot. And it should be there - it's within the bounds of the picture.

And this quote is SO TRUE: "New Rule If you were a Republican in 2011, and you liked Donald Trump, and then you liked Michele Bachmann, and then you liked Rick Perry, and then you liked Herman Cain, and then you liked Newt Gingrich ... you can still hate Mitt Romney, but you can’t say it’s because he’s always changing his mind."

I swear that eyebrow video is photoshopped/CGI'd. It has to be... right??

Katie said...

Hahaha. Thanks Bridget. I should leave whiny comments on your blog more often. :)

Steven said...

My friend Hilary from Arabic camp lives in one of the new heritage halls and her apartment is AMAZING. It's luxury housing compared to my apartment.

It's weird to think that the building I lived in only a year and a half ago is going to be torn down soon.

Jennifer said...

That luggage story is amazing! And I loved the GOP article. And what an upgrade to BYU dorms!


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