Monday, January 16, 2012

Like magic

Every once in a while (OK, every day...) I get to wishing that dinner would just clean itself up for once. Like I could finish eating and then go do whatever and when I came back, it would all be washed up, cleaned up, and put away. Like magic.

Well, last night, it happened. I finished eating, left my plate on the table, and then went to read Little House in the Big Woods on the couch with Miriam. When I looked up, the table was clear and the dishes were done. How did this happen? My mom is in town, that's how.

She and our family friend Carolyn arrived on Friday and it has been fun fun fun ever since, interspersed with the occasional work period since the semester still isn't quite over. They came to the UAE bearing belated Christmas gifts from our families in the US as well as a bunch of things Jeremy and I ordered on Amazon and had sent to my parents' house. (One of those Amazon things is a Kindle Touch, by the way. I'll get to that another day.)

When we're not gorging ourselves on Kirkland Signature natural peanut butter, York peppermint patties, instant breakfast, and Tillamook cheese (!!!!!!!), we're enjoying our time out and about in Sharjah with our guests. It's always nice to have visitors. Especially when they clean up dinner.


Amira said...

Tillamook cheese! I dream of sharp cheddar.

Crys said...

I very much like this post :) Enjoy your magic mother!!!!

Craig said...

I was just thinking last night after dinner (that I cooked), with Suzanne gone the dirty dishes don't magically disappear and reappear put away and cleaned.

Kathy Haynie said...

Guess what--the visiting grandmas LOVE serving their little families in this way. What a treat to get to do something for your daughter while she serves her own daughters (and/or sons). I'm sure your mom is thrilled to be there and help with a bit of your daily load. Have fun!!

Liz Johnson said...

Mothers really are so magical. I'm so glad that yours is around! I'm very curious to hear how you like the Kindle!

Eevi said...

My dad is visiting is us and I am in heaven. He wakes up with the kids, he entertains them, he cleans my house. I'm glad you get the enjoy the luxuries of parents' visit as well:)

Katie said...

Ooh, how nice! When I first saw the picture I thought maybe your girls had cleaned up after dinner. Haha. Maybe someday. :)

But how wonderful to have visitors! Hope you guys have lots of fun!

P.S. Olivia came over to see what I was doing, saw the picture of your girls, and asked who it was. She said they look like some fun little girls. :)


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