Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10th, outsourced

Here in the UAE, I end up being around British people and their news a lot, and this is really how it sounds. [HT Scotty]

Maybe this is a fad that's already dying out, but I don't care because this video collection of Stuff Nobody Says made me laugh. [via dooce]

Azerbaijan is planning to build the world's tallest building.

Thanks to a blog post from Ken Jennings a few weeks back, human wormholes have been on my mind. So I loved reading this article telling me about more of them. [HT Andrew]

Here are some pictures of Europe's cold snap.

Downton Abbey stars out of their period context!!!!

I don't really know how to properly link to stuff on Twitter, but @waitwait had a great run during the Super Bowl with #superdowntonabbeybowl.

Here's how it goes down when The Atlantic discovers that a 20-year-old photo they printed was doctored.

OK, so. I'm kind of tired of hearing how crappy we Americans are at parenting our children. Apparently the French are even better at parenting than the Chinese are. SIGH.

Finally, I give you the paradox of The American University of Sharjah, brilliantly presented by Anna Ray in this article about why AUS is a great study abroad destination even if it's not an Arabic immersion environment.


Crys said...

Favorite line "Just wait two minutes, my little one. I'm in the middle of talking." I'm going to try some of this on my kids. Also can I just say, O'Brien :)

Liz Johnson said...

Ok, I knew it was cold in Europe, but -34 degrees Celsius in Romania? THAT IS BONKERS. I need to pay better attention to the news.

And that building in Azerbaijan is just insane.

And I REALLY need to get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon.

Sherwood family said...

I don't know WHAT the Azerbaijani developers are smoking. Judging from what I've seen around here, that tower is just wishful thinking. Along with the whole island development and airport... Baku wants to be the new Dubai which is the new Baku.

robin said...

oh i am SO with you on being tired of hearing we don't parent well. this whole "french parenting" thing is annoying. it really seems like such a generalization. i mean really, ALL french parents are perfect? and ALL american parents are crappy?

and the downton actor pictures blew my MIND!

and i'd seen that "stuff no one says" video, but i laughed aloud watching it again. "hmm... fart!"


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