Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17th, outsourced

If you've ever lived in Russia, you will "get" this video making fun of those snooty blue-light cars. [HT Jeremy]

This is something that happened. It's not quite as ha-ha funny as the BYU-I skinny jeans thing, though.

Once Upon a Time in Tehran. These images are almost unbelievable.

Have you ever wanted to see the presidents of various countries kissing their own significant others? Well, I enjoyed this slideshow.

The fountains at Dubai Mall, beneath the Burj Khalifah, did a tribute performance to Whitney Houston.

Here is a sweet/sad piece by C. Jane.

Finally, this quiz, presented by Miss Jill, made me laugh and laugh. Enjoy.


Sarah Familia said...

LOVE the presidential kissing photos. "There's someone for everyone." Ha.

Jill said...

Thanks girl! I made the kids watch a movie so that I could write it in peace

Liz Johnson said...

BAHAHAHAHA. I took the taxonomy quiz, apparently I'm the "intellectual" and "most likely to be found posting in the Bloggernacle, presenting at Sunstone or making comments in Sunday School that would make more people uncomfortable if they understood them." That is really funny for a variety of reasons.

I'm rather fascinated by the kissing photos, too. The Colombian one made me laugh out loud. And I need to learn more about Queen Rania - I hear about her all the time, but know virtually nothing about her. Bridget - any book recommendations for that one?

Also, I realize how ignorant this sounds, but I had NO IDEA that Iran has ski resorts.

If the Nicholas Cage bit weren't from the Onion, I would totally believe that he's actually a puppet. It's incredibly plausible.

Crys said...

Indie Hipster... :) I heavy petitioned Jason to just get matching iphones for valentines day, and yes I was slightly disappointed with the diamond earrings he gave me instead, but that is just between you, I, and your five million facebook fans ;) Cheetah weighs 10lbs 7 ounces now and I haven't cried in a month. I'm so happy!


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