Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How bizarre

Sometimes there are moments in Dubai that are so culturally bizarre that they leave me speechless. This morning, Jeremy and I were at Festival City, riding up the escalator and devoting a portion of our attention to the high school talent show (?) going on in one of the common areas. A teenaged girl was singing a song that sounded vaguely familiar. I must have looked more interested in her singing than I actually was because next thing I knew, the lady behind us on the escalator piped up and said, "Do you know whose song that is? It's Amy Winehouse. I LOVE Amy Winehouse."

Pretty normal exchange, right? Well, shift your paradigm because the lady looked like this:

Yeah, sometimes there are moments in Dubai that leave me speechless.


Anonymous said...

After all these years this one still caught me off guard and produced a laugh. JLP

Ariana said...

Cognitive dissonance for sure! Like when I would hear Japanese people in Brasil speaking Portuguese...and then speaking English with a thick Sao Paulo accent.


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