Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16th, outsourced

Parenting secrets of a college professor (don't worry, she's not going to tell you how much better at parenting a specific other nationality is).

No, this is not 150 years ago: a modern-day North Dakota. [HT Brad]

Feminist Harry Potter. See also: In praise of Joanne Rowling's Hermione Granger series. [HT BCC, and Jen]

Here's an amateur but heartfelt (and hand-based) message to Syria from youth in Chicago.

Do you, like me, hate the Peanuts cartoon strip? Then you might enjoy the subversive humor of 3eanuts.

The US and the UAE treat citizenship so differently. In the UAE, citizenship is granted only if your parents are both Emirati, or if at least your father is. So this article, about the idea of Americans having to earn their citizenship, made me think.

Finally, I leave you with Jon Stewart's words of wisdom (read: insightful mockery of someone saying stupid things) about women in combat. The follow-up Samantha Bee video is worth a watch, too. [HT Lyse]


Jessie said...

Loved the article on the ND boomtown. Jon and I lived in Ft McMurray, Alberta (where the oil sands are) for a few months and it was exactly like that - the strangest thing ever. EVERY single establishment had a "hiring" sign out front, and McDonalds employees started at $14/hr. No one wants to work in town when high school drop-outs can work out on site for $80k a year, so businesses have a really hard time keeping employees. We made a killing in those few months - Jon helping his dad with plumbing in all the new housing, me being a part-time janitor - enough to live on for the entire next year.

Bridget said...

The most interesting part of that slideshow for me were the ads for laundry and cooking. I can't even believe a place like that exists!

Kathy Haynie said...

I was a little lost on the John Stewart videos - probably a generational problem. I mean, I get the problem, but some of the jokes were over my head. FOX news gives me the creeps. But even though I didn't quite get Samantha Bee, I'm glad you published the links. I was listening to NPR today and they had a piece about the gap in services at VA Hospitals for women vets. Women are now 8% of the military, but services are not keeping pace for them.

Bridget said...

I hesitated posting the Samantha Bee one because it is a little bit harder to get. I'm not even sure I get her comment about feminists. But I love Samantha Bee, so I posted it anyway.


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