Friday, March 02, 2012

March 2nd, outsourced

If you, like me, feel the void in your life left by the end of Downton Abbey, then perhaps you, like me, will enjoy reading Vulture's slightly irreverent recaps of each Season 2 episode.

I hope the poor PR intern who wrote the Wheat Thins memo to Stephen Colbert has a great sense of humor, the better to be able to handle the complete mocking of said memo by said Stephen Colbert. Hilarious.

In defense of loitering, from The Atlantic.

When we lived in Syria, Jeremy and I adopted the local habit of sleeping for 5-6 hours, then waking up in the morning, and then taking a long afternoon siesta sleep. I guess it was kind of like this. [HT Jeremy]

It would be great to have babysitters on airplanes, wouldn't it?

WTF QR codes. [HT Andrew]

Five years in Damascus, + hanging the old flag of Syria on a bridge in Mezze. [HT Jeremy]

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Kathy Haynie said...

I almost never sleep a full night any more. For a while it stressed me; I was panicked that I wouldn't be able to function the next day. Somehow I always got through the next day. Now when I'm awake at night I just try to relax. Thank you for the article - very reassuring!

I loved that the photo in the loitering article was from Pioneer Courthouse Square. Are we cool in Portland, or what?

Loved the Wheat Thins memo. Thank you, thank you.

And Syria just makes me sad. So sad. Thank you for links that take us beyond the headlines.


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