Friday, March 09, 2012

March 9th, outsourced

Literary composite sketches (above is Tess of the D'Urbervilles). I didn't realize so many literary characters were so ugly! My mental Emma Bovary was always beautiful. [HT Jen]

Portlandia continues to amuse me. I won't pretend that I understood all the references in this clip but I got enough to make me laugh pretty hard.

If I ever put a bumper sticker on my car, it will be one of these. [HT Ken Jennings, a few years ago]

This is seriously a serious review of an Olive Garden restaurant in North Dakota. I became more incredulous with each passing paragraph. [HT Eric D. Snider]

I don't think I cry very often at YouTube videos, but...WOAH. [HT BCC]

Confessions of a bad teacher: "Dozens and dozens of teenagers scrutinize my language, clothing and posture all day long, all week long. If I’m off my game, the students tell me. They comment on my taste in neckties, my facial hair, the quality of my lessons. All of us teachers are evaluated all day long, already. It’s one of the most exhausting aspects of our job." AMEN.

I laughed at the first few seconds of this video and thought it was clever...I didn't expect to watch the whole thing and get CHILLS by the end. Happy International Women's Day! [HT Liz]


Crys said...

I've enjoyed plenty of meals at olive garden, but may I just say now, "Heavenly Father, please never have me end up in Grand Forks!"

Lisa Lou said...

The Olive Garden review was my favorite. Wow. Strangly, kind of makes me want to go there now. And get the raspberry lemonade.

Lilianne said...

I'm so glad you like Portlandia. We discovered this a couple of months ago and think it's hilarious! And that review of OG - so funny!!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw Carrie Brownstein in that Portlandia skit I thought it was mom. Do you see the resemblance?!?


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Haha, thanks. Are you saying I look 25 about years younger than I am?.

Liz Johnson said...

Yeah, that video from Japan totally made me cry, too. Geez. I still can't get over that tsunami.

That review totally made me want to go to the Olive Garden, too. You know, it gets so much bad press, but it really can be a lovely place, even as King of Chain Restaurants.

"My other car is substantially similar to this one. Thank you for your interest in my other car." HAHAHAHAHA that's awesome.

Cait said...

We got a gift card to Olive Garden for Christmas and went last weekend. It was pretty mediocre, especially compared with some of the fantastic ethnic cuisine Provo has to offer. I remember going a lot as a kid and loving it, but the salad is just bagged iceberg.... Really? Bleh. I think my tastes have refined.


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