Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13th, outsourced

Sorry I didn't share these with you earlier: The creepiest Easter bunny photos ever taken. [HT Elisa]

Great reading from The Atlantic on the DREAM Act.

I know a lot about The Simpsons, but there was so much still to learn from Matt Groening's interview in Smithsonian magazine. [HT Suzanne]

I used to display all kinds of LSAT facts and figures to my LSAT Prep students at the BYU. If I were still teaching there, I would have to tell them how the wrong people are deciding not to go to law school.

I feel it is my duty to share these latest pictures from North Korea with you, showing preparations for Kim Il Sung's 100th birthday celebrations this month.

Are you feeling glum? Watching this video about Caine's Arcade will cheer you right up!


Scotty P said...

Interesting links, as always. I enjoy your Outsourced posts.

Liz Johnson said...

I really love the DREAM Act piece. Honestly, I realize I'm a bleeding heart, but I don't understand why we don't greet everybody at the border with a big hug and a social security card so that they can legally exist and improve their lives.

Also, those pics of N.Korea were fabulous. I am so fascinated by that place.

Re: the law school bubble, amen and amen. Chris tries to talk virtually anybody out of going to law school, especially if they're planning to take on massive amounts of debt at a lower-tier school. If you can get a free ride, or get into Columbia, that's one thing, but it might not be the best idea to shell out $120K in tuition for a school whose graduates end up working at Target. Also, I could go on a rant about the lack of transparency/honesty with law school "employed after graduation" rates, but I won't. Hmmph.

Finding My Way Softly said...

I always enjoy your tidbits and quirky links when you "outsource." I am led to things I might have missed for one reason or another. Thank you for helping broaden my world.

I know you have a link to my mom's blog, Finding My Way, in your blogs of people I have never met. Could I suggest this posting to include for your wider international audience next week? I found out today that only one person a day can use the school's IP address, so while she has lots of local support from teachers and students, the school wide effort isn't able to support the her as much as they would like to.

Especially with your Oregon connections, I thought Sammy might find a place in your heart.

Jen said...

Might I be blatantly political? Non-implementation of the DREAM Act is proof that the center of the Republican Party has shifted so wildly to the right that a reasonable piece of legislation (that is rather narrow in scope, I might add) can't be considered. I am the great-grandchild of a Japanese immigrant. I assume there are very few of us who are not a generation or three emoved from someone who came to this country looking for a better life. I'd like to join Liz's Bleeding Hearts Club, please.

Also? This makes me want to start reading The Atlantic again. Such yummy stuff.

Anonymous said...

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