Sunday, April 22, 2012

M:I 4 Ghost Protocol

Have you seen this movie? Jeremy and I watched it on Thursday. I loved it. My only regret is that we didn't go see it in the theater so we could enjoy watching Dubai on the big screen with other UAEians. There is something so fun about seeing a place that you live/know well presented in a movie, and I thought MI4 did a great job using Dubai as a backdrop for so much of the film. They might have stretched the truth (slightly) with the intensity of that sandstorm, but that amazing shot where they're driving out of a seemingly endless desert and the Dubai skyline shows up out of nowhere - totally real.

Those colorful boats loaded up with all kinds of cargo on Dubai Creek - also totally real, along with insane people driving the wrong way on the roads sometimes. And even though it's a little cliche, it is also true that there are sometimes camels on the road.

Anyway, well done Mission: Impossible for both entertainment and use-of-Dubai reasons. Go see it if you haven't already.

On the topic of movies set in places we've lived: The Sum of All Fears was fun to watch in Russia since we got to hear everyone in the theater laugh at Ciaran Hinds' horrible Russian (but bless him for trying). The Saint is super fun to watch after you know Moscow because you see how fast and loose they played with the locations (and protocol for entering the American Embassy). The Bourne Supremacy makes me nostalgic for Russia even as it terrifies me with that visceral car chase scene. Aaaand I guess a lot of movies are set in Russia...?


Lisa Lou said...

I went to Prague after seeing the first Mission Impossible and wanted to take pictures of all the sites from the movie. Also, I love any movie that takes place in Berlin. Even if it's not that great of a movie.

Alli E. said...

I totally thought of you guys during the sandstorm scene!!

Liz Johnson said...

Chris watched this the other day but I, not normally being a fan of the series, went to bed. Dangit!

"Romeo & Juliet" (the Baz Luhrmann version) was filmed in Mexico City and I still get goosebumps when I watch it. It was filmed when I was in high school, too, so the whole thing just takes me back to a certain time/place.

Another one - "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington. Also filmed in Mexico City, and the main house is just up the street from where I lived. It was also rather poignant because it was about a little American girl going to an American school who gets kidnapped. Might've hit a bit close (gratefully not closer) to home. And I love that movie, too.

"XXX" (yes, with Vin Diesel) was filmed in Prague, and I saw it right after I visited, and for that same reason - I love it. Even with Vin Diesel.

Trina said...

We got it this weekend and I just could not be interested enough to stay awake. Scott thought it was alright.

Crys said...

So should we watch for the scenery or is the story line good as well. I've had a hard time with Tom Cruise ever since he married a girl my age. I mean they seem happy but it was still creepy!

Sherwood family said...

I agree with you about the protocol about getting into the US Embassy. I have to laugh whenever a movie character holds up their passport while yelling something like 'I'm an American!!!' and running into the embassy. More likely they're going to get shot by the marines instead of the bad guys....


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