Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Olympics are coming

Are you excited about the Olympics? I'm excited about the Olympics.

You can find an overview schedule of the events here. I'm especially excited that we'll be in Oregon for most of it because my parents have TV and a DVR. Watching the 2010 Winter Olympics relying solely on nbc.com videos was touchy and inconvenient and difficult. It will be so nice to watch whatever we want, whenever we want. (FYI, Mom and Dad: I'm planning on watching a lot of Olympics while we're at your house this summer.)

I think I'm most looking forward to gymnastics, swimming, and some track & field. I remember catching some random BMX races in 2008 that were pretty cool, too. Ah, the 2008 Olympics. I watched most of the coverage while sitting in an armchair in our quaint Middlebury living room holding a sleeping/nursing newborn Magdalena in my arms. How time flies.


Abu Halen said...

Nyeh. I'm not a big summer Olympic fan, but I loooove the winter Olympics. Maybe it's because I can picture myself doing the winter sports, whereas, since they lack a doggy paddle race, I can't really see myself in the pool. And watching those guys run makes me tired. Plus, I like how in the winter Olympics the backwater Scandinavian countries kick butt, whereas in the summer all we get is the US trading top spots with China and Russia (at least since the Soviet Union collapsed -- did you know that the USSR used to basically kick our butt every four years? I'm getting my awesome stats from this awesome site: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/08/04/sports/olympics/20080804_MEDALCOUNT_MAP.html).

Lisa Lou said...

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!!! I remember being so excited when the switch was made to have winter and summer alternate every two years. MORE OLYMPICS TO WATCH!!!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Sorry, I'm planning to watch DVDs all day every day all summer. And I'll be filling up the DVR with made-for-tv movies.

Bridget said...

I like the Winter Olympics better, too. And Lisa, YES, I remember when they switched the system and it was so awesome to spread out the fun instead of having to wait four years every time.

Liz Johnson said...

I am excited, but I think the Olympics fall below the World Cup for me in excitement. I keep wishing it were 2014 already.

Crys said...

Can't wait...we are actually considering getting real TV so we can enjoy it on the big TV :)


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