Monday, June 04, 2012

Funny things said by Magdalena

Funny things said by Magdalena, fresh from the Google Doc.

"It's the washing bus!!" - It was a street sweeper. She just couldn't remember the word.

Someone at church said, "Heavenly Father." Magdalena, who was half-listening, half-coloring, perked right up and said, "Harry Potter??"

"Going backwards are hard." This is another U-shaped development curve thing, because she's over-generalizing the rule that plurals require "are." Of course, in this case, "backwards" is not a plural.

A worker at a restaurant gave Magdalena a hard mint candy. As she put it in her mouth, I told her not to swallow it right away so she wouldn't choke on it. About a minute later, I noticed she didn't have the candy anymore. She said, "Mama, I licked it in my heart." I think that means she swallowed it.

She consistently calls Festival City, "Vegetable City."

She is constantly chiding me for not "sharing my candle." Candle = Kindle, and she looooooves to get into that thing when I'm not looking.

One night, she was telling us how she had so many nickles. So many nickles, on her face and arms. All three of us were totally puzzled until we figured out that she meant freckles.

My favorite recent Magdalena-ism is from her PE Day, which was yesterday. The PE coaches (who are all soooo British, by the way) had the kids doing relays like different animals, such as crawling like a lion, jumping like a kangaroo, etc. One of the relays was to run as fast as a cheetah. This morning, Magdalena was telling me how she ran as fast as a "cheater." Miriam and I were trying to tell her she meant "cheetah," but she was adamant that the animal is called a "cheater." My theory is that she is always hearing these Brits (her teacher, her PE coaches, etc.) pronounce words without the final "r" sound that she hears at home (water, heater, letter, etc.). So she took it upon herself to tack an "r" at the end of "cheetah," too.

Funny girl.


Kathy Haynie said...

Sweet little isms. I love when my grandchildren are learning past tense in English, and everything get's an "ed" attached, like "teached." And during April General Conference one of my 3-year-old granddaughters was convinced that an apostle said a naughty word. The adults in the room heard him say "unaware," be she was convinced--and would not be dissuaded--that he had said, "underwear."

Señora H-B said...

This is how I imagine thinking about my future children's language development. I love reading about your kids' language. It's so cool!

Ariana said...

Heehee! I love kid speech. So do your kids have an spoken accent at all, with all the international teachers they've had? I grew up in the upper midwest, but my parents weren't from that area. I picked up a weak minnesota accent, but not as strong as the 'natives' :) I'm curious how your kids sound.

Crys said...

She is such a cutie! And when did she suddenly lose the baby look. She is a full out little girl now!!! Goes too fast :( Yesterday I took my kids out for a Blizard. After never having one in their whole lives they've had two in a month. I blame Dairy Queen because they finally came up with one that is the right size...the mini. Anyway Sadie kept insisting that she wanted an Oreo Lizard. Cracked Grace and Ezra up so much. They kept asking her,"What is that you want again?" By the end she was screaming "Oreo Lizard,Oreo Lizard, Oreo Lizard." I'm going to miss her when she turns four and decides to get all distant :(

Bridget said...

You will not be able to help analyzing your kids' language. Poor things! It sure is fun, though.

Bridget said...

This could be a blog post of its own. Magdalena's accent is all over the place. Sometimes it's British, sometimes it's Filipina, sometimes it's Arab, usually it's American - generic American, I guess Pacific NW like her parents? Miriam is solidly American now, but she can put on a good foreign accent show when she wants to. :)

Stacie Perkins Palmer said...

Hilarious. The cheetah/cheater one is my favorite, too!


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