Monday, July 16, 2012

A review of movies I watched on the plane

I'm in the US! More about that later. First, a quick review of the FIVE movies I watched during my 16 hours on an airplane equipped with personal video screens.

I never watch romantic comedies except on airplanes. I can't stand them unless I'm a captive audience. I saw Leap Year, Dear John, Letters to Juliet (or whatever that was called), Made of Honor, etc. on airplanes. So on this trip, I took on:

This Means War. Fun concept, great chemistry between the two male leads (and of course Reese Witherspoon was delightful as always), but also kind of dumb. Just what I expected, in other words!

The Vow. I loved the idea behind this one and parts of it were executed very well. But still, meh. I am not a romantic comedy person, ok? I am also not a Channing Tatum person OR a Rachel McAdams person. That's why I only watch these things on airplanes.

Gone. I was really loving this one - just the right amount of creepy, chill-inducing suspense, and not too much gore or really horrific stuff going on. Then, it ended. If anyone has seen this movie, I ask you: WHAT THE HECK? So many questions.

The Dark Knight. I had avoided re-watching this one for years, even though I loved it the first time around. I am so glad I watched it again. What a fantastic movie.

The Hunger Games. Just to mix things up, I turned the audio track to Russian.

Hooray for individual movie screens on airplanes!


Liz Johnson said...

You know, I think I like romantic comedies, and I still think "The Vow" was pretty much the dumbest thing ever. Maybe I've just grown out of the genre, but SERIOUSLY!? Chris rented it on Mother's Day (in his words, he went up to the redbox and got the movie that sounded the most like it would make him vomit) and we both were just dying of laughter by the end of it. My eyes have never rolled so far back into my head before.

I don't know that I'll be able to re-watch "The Hunger Games," or at least not for a long time. That movie was INTENSE, man.

Katie Lewis said...

Amen to what you and Liz said about "The Vow." I had actually heard the story (and I think even seen some video footage?) of the real people the movie was based on back when I was a sophomore in college, so I thought it would be cool, but no. It just wasn't.

Bridget said...

My favorite (aka the stupidest) part of The Vow was when the husband plans a huge hospital-homecoming surprise party for his wife who is suffering from traumatic amnesia and invites all her old friends and acquaintances, none of whom she recognizes or remembers. Such a bad idea! So hilarious.

Anonymous said...

They were playing the Hunger Games and This Means War on our flight as well.
I watched a bit of This Means War but found it a little boring so I took a nap instead.


Sherwood family said...

I'm looking forward to my own movie-watching party next week. One of my favorite parts (if it's possible to have any) of international travel.


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