Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27th, outsourced

The idea of a parent not taking any break from work for the birth of a baby makes me nervous, but that's the way things are moving for some executive women who can afford to hire the help they need to do just that.

I read the article referenced in this BCC post some months ago and it was deeply disturbing to me. I appreciated the BCC post for giving additional insight and context.

Crys got me started on a never-ending chain of watching YouTube videos from The Piano Guys. This is my current favorite.

Can you figure out the books from these one-sentence synopses?

Even though The Muppets would have us believe that "a celebrity is not a people," are celebrities as real people. [HT Jen]

The rise of the grocery store "man aisle." I love how the article suggested (facetiously) a "woman aisle" filled with "laxatives, tampons, bonbons, tea, pregnancy tests, Luna bars, and Advil." Ha ha.

Here's a hidden side of Ramadan. And another (spoiler: more food is consumed during Ramadan - the month of fasting - than any other month of the year).

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Jeremy Palmer said...

I love the celebrities as real people!


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