Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Olympics favorites

So sad the Olympics are over. Day-to-day living hardly has purpose anymore. My favorite moments, unenriched by video since the nbcolympics website is a mess:

1. Becoming an expert on swimming strokes and distances, which information I will probably promptly forget. I loved it when Adrian won his gold medal because I was tired of Phelps and Lochte. I also had to suppress my laughter every time they interviewed that one female swimmer who gave her interviews in a voice that sounded like it was still underwater. It wasn't cruel laughter, I promise.

2. Gymnastics. I eat that stuff up. I loved the total emotional breakdown of the Russians during the team competition - obviously some countries don't media-coach their athletes to not cry and pout in front of the camera. They were just so honest about their disappointment. As I mentioned before, I also enjoyed Maroney's perfect vault and that guy from the Netherlands who did a perfect bar routine. Could we maybe, just maybe, have the girls do tumbling passes instead of floor routines with music, though? The guys get to do tumbling passes and it's so much more dignified. If you pay attention, the girls aren't really dancing to the music, anyway.

3. The awesome insanity that is BMX racing. We watched a whole bunch of races in quick succession and I swear to you there was one race where all the bikers except one crashed in a big heap. So that guy cruised on to victory (I think it was a prelim).

4. Track. And. Field. I love it all. Even the events that are really weird to me, like high jump (no matter how much I watch it, I can't figure out how they do that with their bodies) and pole vault. My favorite moment was probably when Galen Rupp (above) got silver in the 10,000m run. If you follow distance running at all, you know what a big deal that is. And of course, the relays are always fun! Too bad there was no dramatic baton-dropping this time around.

What were your favorites??


Jen said...

-When what's-his-name won the 400(?)m and asked to switch bibs with Oscar Pistorius
-When Mo Farrah won the first of his gold medals and he and Galen Rupp had that nice we-train-together-and-love-each-other hug
-Watching women's water polo players get out of the pool and realizing that they're not all skinny
-The OTHER U.S. women's beach volleyball pair beat Brazil and advance to the gold medal game
-Watching my husband's face during a U.S. men's volleyball game when he said, "Hey! That's Elder Holmes!"
-Realizing that Bob Costas said PETALS instead of KETTLES to describe the brass thingy-do's that were carried in alongside the athletes during the parade of nations (that went on to make up the cauldron). WHY WOULD THE OLYMPIC COMMITTEE GIVE EACH COUNTRY A KETTLE, I thought. That's like getting underwear from your grandma for christmas.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Re #1

She has a severe hearing impairment, which is why she always watches an interviewer so closely before she answers a question. My husband has a friend who knows her family. NBC wanted to do a backstory about her disability, which they declined, because she didn't want more attention because of it. She wanted to be able to swim as the top qualifier, not as a "disabled" athlete. With all the athletes that use "their story" to cash in I thought it was great that she just wanted to be herself. I also think it is cool that part of why Michael Phelps trained so hard was that he enjoyed training with her.

All reports, in the media and from more personal contacts describe her as an accomplished athlete who has fun while training hard, and is gracious in winning, losing, and when accosted by kids who are inspired by her. For that matter, I am pretty inspired by her too!


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Rupp winning the silver was the highlight. I have loosly followed his running career since he was in high school, coached by Salazar (whose running career my brother and I followed decades ago).

Ariana said...

I love watching the good sportsmanship, mutual respect, and those who can win with humility and those who can lose with grace. My favorite moment was when one of the US men (gymnastics guys) had just watched a korean guy do a massively amazing vault....a vault which bumped the korean guy up and the USA guy down into 4th place and out of the medals. The American was all smiles the whole time, and said something like, "DUDE THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" to the Korean guy. That was awesome to see. And when James and Pistorius (first place and last place, respectively) exchanged bibs. That was totally cool too.

Bridget said...

Well, now I feel horrible. I think it's strange that they didn't at least mention it, because it sure would have explained a lot. Shame on me, I guess. :(

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

The only time that I heard it mentioned on TV was when several swimmers were talking about the Call Me Maybe video. She helped all of them do better with the lip sync, making sure that they all learned to have their lips movements a little easier to read.

Since I knew someone who had been a team member when she was younger, I asked him if he was still in contact with her. I really enjoyed hearing the perspective of someone who knew her before she was famous. ;-)

I wrote a little more about this on my blog, but started with my comment here and then flushed it out. Thanks for all of your great posts. Several times a month I find that either a comment I write here inspires me to write something I wouldn't really have thought about.

Props for being a smart, intelligent, funny and gracious blogger, who lifts my spirits each time.


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