Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 24th, outsourced

Joanna Brooks, The Book of Mormon Girl, on the Daily Show!

Still MORE awesome Olympics GIFs! [HT Jen]

Enjoy reminiscing about The Baby-Sitters Club with The Atlantic.

Here are some tips for combating jet lag. I have always noticed how much harder it is to adjust to the new time zone when traveling east, and so it was interesting to read that here.

Have you seen The Bourne Legacy? Then maybe you have these questions, too.

Bilingualism in airports in Canada.

This guy wrote about travel guides pandering to extreme regimes, and then Lonely Planet responded. Interesting reading.


Susanne said...

Thank you for the articles. The jet lag one is timely since we are traveling on Sunday to Munich. I hadn't thought to wear my sunglasses on the plane in order to help myself sleep. Do you ever take sleep aids or recommend them?

Bridget said...

Wow, have fun in Munich! Since I'm usually taking care of kids on planes I don't generally take sleep aids. But if I did, it would probably be Ambien. For our kids, we use melatonin once we get to where we're going to help them gradually adjust to the new bedtime. Good luck!

Katie Lewis said...

Confession: It's one of my secret dreams/ambitions to come look at one of your outsourced posts and see a link to something on my blog. But now that dream will never fully be realized because, even if it happens, I'll have to assume you just did it to be nice. But I guess it just goes to show how much I totally think anything you link to must be amazing. So I guess I aspire to be amazing.

Also, you should feel really honored that I managed to leave a comment at all because (1st world problem) I'm having to use the laptop and it runs SO SLOW.


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