Friday, August 03, 2012

August 3rd, outsourced

Can't remember who sent me this link, sorry, but truer crappy pictures have never been drawn. It is so hard taking little girls to go potty in public bathrooms

These aren't baby names, exactly, but here are the 28 most awesome names of the Olympics.

Here's what Olympic divers' faces look like while they're diving. [HT Jeremy, via Andrew, maybe?]

I loved this good-natured fun-poking at Olympics commentators.

Find your Olympic body-match! I'm a female sprinter from Palau. How about you?

This truly is ridiculous: Olympic badminton teams deliberately losing. [HT Jeremy]

Photos of the largest blackout in history. It's so hard to imagine that many people being without power all at once.

"If it was a pure switch, there are going to be some rather confused Mormon families next spring during family movie time."

For another viewpoint on the "having it all" debate, see here.

I was riveted, RIVETED by this article from the woman who wrote the ill-fated profile of Asma al Assad in Vogue. It at once chilled me, inspired sympathy in me, and made me roll my eyes. On the latter point, what if all journalists got a chance to give context to every controversial interview they'd ever done? Hindsight puts everything in a different light. Really, though, this is a great article...and maybe I kind of do wish that journalists got to tell these kinds of stories more often.


Jennifer said...

Loved every one of these this week. Thanks for providing interesting reading!

ireminisces said...

Thanks for the reading, Ramadhan Dictionary is my latest contribution come have a look if your interested..

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I find Buck's retort disturbing, not because she's employing ripe hindsight, but because if her observation of the first family and Asma herself is not skewed by bitterness, that's one pathetic first lady.

I have wondered for a year, where does this mother of young children stand on the violence and torture? And where is she? Has she been unwillingly silenced? Shipped to Siberia? Brainwashed?

Katie said...

I love the public bathrooms one. Today I was dealing with both problems because my 4year old son had to go poo while at McDonalds. I'm at the point where I know what to expect and we've got it figured out (I just take off his shorts and underpants and hold them to keep them from falling on the floor and to keep him from peeing on them (because when a little boy goes poo, a little pee always comes out and shoots straight forward, all over the shorts and underpants if they are left on his legs)) Anyway...Today, I said "I'm so proud of you for telling me that you need to go poo!" He said "Thank YOU mom, I couldn't do it without you" Ahhh, little things like that make it all worth it. Because really, he couldn't do it without me.


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