Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Over the years, I've "met" quite a few people through blogging. However, it has almost never been feasible to consider a real-life meeting with any of them because of distance or schedules or the fact that who even does that, getting together with someone you met on the internet??

Well, as of yesterday, I am the person who does that. But I had more than just a blog connection to induce me. First, Kathy is the mother of the wife of the brother of some old friends of ours. So, we're practically related. Second, I somehow finagled my way into being a reader for Kathy's MA thesis, aka her memoir featuring six tumultuous months of her life. I read bits and pieces over the past year and just recently got to read the (almost) final product. I devoured it in one sitting.

My point is that I kind of know this lady, even if I had never met her in real life before yesterday. We made plans to meet up at the beautiful grounds of the Mormon temple in Lake Oswego (it was a convenient meeting place since she lives south of there and I live north of there). My parents came along with Jeremy and the girls and me, because it was a nice afternoon and maybe also because they'd heard me blather on about this lady's thesis and they just wanted to meet her already. I felt a little weird bringing a huge posse with me to meet Kathy for the first time but I also knew enough about her to suspect she wouldn't mind.

I recognized her (and by assumption, her husband Mark) immediately in the parking lot of the temple Visitor Center and from that point on it was like we were old friends. Seriously. It was at once surreal to be talking to someone I've "known" only online for a couple of years and yet somehow totally natural to be catching up on what's new.
After our meeting, I found myself aglow in the joy of meeting a kindred spirit in person and enjoying a good chat. It turns out there's nothing to be afraid of - getting together with people you meet on the internet is totally awesome!


Liz Johnson said...

Sweet! I want to read Kathy's thesis now, too!

I met up with a blog-friend (Fig) one time, and it was also awesome.

Susanne said...

I haven't met anyone from blogs in real life, but from other places online I have. I got together with three ladies who live(d) in my state (one now lives in Ohio). We became friends on Babycenter.com through a name poll.

And, of course, I visited several folks I met online when we went to Syria in January 2009. That was one of the most exciting, wonderful experiences ever. (Thanks for your helpful tips before I went.)

I'm glad you had such a good visit with Kathy yesterday! Great picture!

iremi nisces said...

Very good of you feel free to come & meet me in uk our doors are opened to you all, always.

By the way bring your husband and family with you by all means.

Was wondering have you read about someone called `ABD ALLAH IBN RAWAAHAH.

Its a short read come and have a look and share some words.

Take Care.

Jill said...

Darn, I want to meet you!

Alli E. said...

I love your hair!

Katie Lewis said...

I am totally jealous of my mom right now. Also, sometimes I feel like we're practically related too. (You and me, not me and my mom. My mom and I really are related.)

Brooke said...

Speaking of internet friends, or in my case, blog stalking someone you've never really met, hello there! I actually know about you guys through our friends the Scovilles AND you answered some questions for me before my husband and I studied in Jordan in 2008.

Anyway, we are moving to Muscat next August and we'll practically be neighbors :) I've read some of your posts on Oman and I'm really enjoying your thoughts on the Gulf.

That's all. Just wanted to say hello

Kathy Haynie said...

Yes, that's it. The combined surreal-ness of meeting a blog friend for the first time mixed with catching up with an old friend you haven't seen for a while. Meeting you and the "posse" was so awesome. Mark and I were completely tickled that everyone came. Thank you so much for fitting us into your busy vacation schedule. Until next time!

Bridget said...

Ooh, we will probably meet sometime because Oman is our BFF. I hope you'll love it!


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