Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympics olympics olympics

How much am I enjoying watching the Olympics for a few hours each night? SO MUCH. A few points of discussion:

1. Spoilers, ugh, WHY? I can hardly get on the computer without seeing a headline or a fb status update or something else that completely ruins the results of an event that I won't be watching until the evening. So frustrating.

2. The men's gymnastics team final was amazing. I love how NBC perfunctorily showed us the routines of each American gymnast and then tossed them to the wayside in favor of the total drama that was Great Britain's bronze/silver/bronze tug-of-war. So awesome.

3. Also awesome: what The Atlantic called Subtle British Game Face:

4. Maybe I am a sucker, but I loved watching Missy Franklin win a gold medal. She seems like such a nice young lady.

5. Did you see McKayla Maroney's vault in the women's gymnastics team competition? I have never seen such a fabulous vault. Look it up somewhere and watch it (like here, until it's removed).

6. I am developing body image issues because I spend a few hours a day watching perfect specimens in action and when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror...well, it's just not the same.

What are your Olympic impressions so far?


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Since I am bedrest after a spinal surgery, my sweet husband expanded out package do I could watch all the Olympic qualifying rounds, and now the Olympics. So, I am always a little behind, since that is over 24 hours a day. Since we have a DVR, I can watch water polo, volleyball and basketball at 60x and watch the whole match in minutes, without a ton of commentary!

Surprise thing I like, white water canoeing. Who knew they had figured out how to make artificial rivers, just long enough for competition, that make whitewater the whole way down. I wish I had known about this as a kid/ teenager. It looks like a lot of fun!

Liz Johnson said...

The spoilers have ruined my Olympic experience. I just can't get all emotional when I know the result! It doesn't capture the moment the same way. Sigh.

Jen said...

I like the spoilers. Especially in gymnastics. Watching gymnastics is a big time commitment. Knowing the men's team was going to implode and come in 5th place made my viewing choices easier the other night.

Also, it's weird to think that--for the most part--it's too late for my 6 year-old to be an olympian. He hasn't started any sort of sport seriously....(And looking at all of the back-stories of some of these athletes makes me sort of NOT in favor of that sort of life).

breanne said...

Speaking of spoilers, have you read this article?

Susanne said...

I was hoping for an Olympics post! The spoilers - oh Liz said it best. Still, it's exciting seeing just how wonderful these athletes are. Gymnastics...amazing! Are your girls watching?

Although it's not the same since you don't have the same kind of attitude described in this article, I thought of your point number 6 when I read this about women's reactions to the athletes in advertising.

"But Antil and Robinson suggest that it's also the way female athletes are portrayed in the endorsements they do get -- with the focus on their youthful, toned bodies -- that alienates them from female consumers, contributing to their general lack of marketability.

The study makes the troubling accusation that female consumers are jealous of spokeswomen who are made out to be paragons of strength and attractiveness, suggesting that's one reason why ads focused on female athletes' physicality are unsuccessful. "A female looking at an attractive female, as opposed to saying 'I want to be like that,' actually has a negative reaction," said Robinson.

Originally, the authors wanted to call the study "Guys Want to Be Like Mike, Girls Want Mia to Be Like Them." "

Bridget said...

I am so sorry you have to be on bedrest...but what a good opportunity to watch a lot of Olympics! Hope you get well soon.

Bridget said...

Jen, I had that same realization: it is already too late for Miriam to be an Olympian in pretty much any sport. Magdalena, on the other hand...ha ha.

Bridget said...

WE CAN'T EVEN HAVE SPOILER-FREE COMMERCIALS ANYMORE. Ridiculous. Glad I fast-forwarded through that one.

Bridget said...

Just read that article. Very interesting. Sometimes it's sad to grow up and realize that the joy athletes experience at winning a gold medal may not be entirely because it's the pinnacle of their athletic career, but also because that gold medal may well be worth millions of dollars in endorsements.


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