Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Earlier this month, I went to Yanni in concert in Portland with my dad.
You see, I love Yanni's music beyond all reason. If I had to choose one artist to compose the soundtrack of my life, it would probably be Yanni because I practically grew up with his music on in the background at all times anyway. My dad is a big fan and as I grew older, I must have missed any social cues that would have hinted that it was kind of strange for a young girl/young woman to be into Yanni. Or else I willfully ignored them. I have watched the Yanni - Live at the Acropolis DVD many times. I own a lot of Yanni music and listen to it a lot. I own a few Yanni piano books. Are you convinced yet? I, Bridget Palmer, unironically enjoy Yanni music.

So you can imagine how heartbroken I was last fall when I found out that Yanni was performing in Dubai at the base of the Burj Khalifah, after the fact. Actually, I found out during the concert (10.30 at night, through a fb post from a friend who was at the concert) and considered changing out of my pajamas and into clothes and driving to the Burj Khalifah right then and there in hopes of catching a smidgen of the music. Jeremy talked me out of it. I was so, so crushed. It is a fact that as we've traveled around the ruins of the Middle East over the past eight years, any time I see a derelict old amphitheatre (they are everywhere) I imagine that someday Yanni would come there and perform, and I would get to see it. The base of the Burj Khalifah isn't exactly a derelict old amphitheatre but when it came down to it, I didn't care about the setting so much, I guess.

I never imagined I'd get a second chance to see him live in concert, so I was thrilled to hear that Yanni would be performing in Oregon while we were here. The concert was on August 3rd and it was glorious. It took a few songs to get into the concert vibe, to absorb the fact that I was listening to everything live and not watching it on a DVD, but once I was in I was IN. When the end came (after 2.5 hours), I was not ready. I could have sat through another 3.5 hours, easily.

Any other Yanni fans out there among my demographic? At the concert, I was definitely on the younger side of the clientele, but I saw a few other 20/30something groupies there. It's about time we came out in the open and proclaimed our love for some truly great music!


  1. One time I actually slept in Yanni's bedroom and swam in his pool while visiting the sister of a then-boyfriend who was housesitting for him. I was super bummed that at the time there wasn't a piano in the house that I could play a tune on.

  2. I loved him in high school....I wasn't allowed to listen to any pop music (my mom thought U2, which my older brother loved, was scandalous). My dad loved Yanni's music too. We got tickets to a concert in Minneapolis once, like 18 years ago. It was an incredible show! So awesome. I took a sculpture class in high school, and we had to make a clay bust. I made a Yanni head. hahaha!! It's still sitting in my parents' house somewhere. My taste has moved on now that I can listen to whatever I want, but I still like his stuff.

  3. So, I'm not a Yanni fan....BUT, I do love certain artists that I've often been ribbed about. Neil Diamond is the first that comes to mind.

  4. Lisa (Bryan's older sister) won some free tickets to a Yanni concert from a radio thing a couple years ago and she brought us with her. I think I had maybe heard of Yanni before, but we basically didn't know anything about it. It makes me sad in my heart to think that you would have had the time of your life going in my place since I was kind of confused most of the time.

    Hands down, the best part of the concert was when I mentioned it to my mom afterward and she thought we had gone to a Raffi concert. Bahahahaha.

  5. I "won" some tickets from a radio station and brought Katie, Bryan and a friend with me. Actually, I emailed the radio host and asked if she had any extra tickets and she totally hooked me up with 4! My friend grew up listening to Yanni so I'm glad she came with us. It was an amazing concert, complete with fire and scantily clad women dancing on the piano. It was great!

  6. i love yanni. my mom had lots of his tapes (yep, tapes) when i was growing up so we listened to him a lot. how can you NOT like yanni? his music is so beautiful!

  7. One of my college acquaintances sang with Yanni during the 2009 tour! Wish I could have gone!

  8. Loved your story about Yanni. On my first Yanni concert back in 2010 in Brazil I felt the same as you. It was hard to believe I was there and he was playing just before my eyes and not on the DVD anymore. After that night I could live my dream other 8 times and each concert was unique. Next October he´ll be coming back to Brazil and... here I go again for more 5 concerts!

    1. This is the best comment on your blog, ever.

      (I too grew up listening to Yanni and unironically loved him. I need a revisit!)

  9. Anonymous29/8/12 02:01

    I still feel guilty about not having told you about that concert... but I honestly had no idea how you feel about Yanni at the time.
    He's coming back to Dubai, by the way. =)


  10. I'm sure I've heard Yanni at some point in my life, but I don't think I could pinpoint a Yanni song out of a lineup. Perhaps I need to become more familiar with his stuff.

  11. Joey teases me about the fact that before I met him, I had been to only one solitary concert before. And yes, it was a Yanni concert. And yes, I went with my parents. And yes, I also bought a Buick Lesabre when I was 26 years old. (But that was after I had met Joey.)


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