Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back in the UAE

Things I've noticed in the past week, settling in:

1. My driving skills have taken a hit. I remember consciously toning down the aggression while I was in the US but I need to get it back, FAST.

2. Grocery shopping is out to get me. In support of my new intention to shop at a much smaller, much closer grocery store (because grocery shopping sucks the life out of me), I went to the Spinney's in Mirdif and stocked up on one particular item that no one else sells so I won't have to go there again for a long time. Then I went to Carrefour and saw the same thing there, for the very first time, for half the price. Smart shopping FAIL.

3. But yeah, there is this new little shopping center in the community and I am really excited to do my shopping there instead of having to drive all the way to Ajman or Mirdif. I'm sure the small grocery store there won't have everything, all the time, but not even the big markets do so I'm determined to just deal with it.

4. Jet lag going east is AWFUL. A few days last week, we were getting up for the day at 2, 3, 4am. And a nap doesn't solve anything, either. You either sleep too long and undo any progress you've made, or wake up not knowing who/where/why you are. Or both.

5. It's good to be home! One of the first things the girls requested upon arrival was a dance party. We even went on iTunes and bought five American songs that we heard all summer so we can retain our nationality in good faith.

6. It's also nice to finally know what day of the week it is. The Islamic work week (Sunday-Thursday, with a Friday/Saturday weekend) takes a lot of getting used to. So it was really hard to become un-used to it this summer in the US. I swear to you, most of the time there I did not know what day it was. It's nice to go to church on Fridays again.


Liz Johnson said...

I demand to know which five songs are representing the US for you guys. Please say that one of them is "Call Me, Maybe."

I drove in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and I had the same realization - I have become a lazy, less-aggressive driver since learning to drive in Mexico City. It was almost fun to re-hone my skills and really get aggressive and pay a lot of attention (as opposed to zoning out and going with the flow as I apparently do in Indiana). I was tearing it up with my (gargantuan) minivan on those windy Boston streets. It was fun. I hope you get your edge back fast.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

I am curious about the songs, what item you picked up in quantity, and to know a little more about Friday church.

I know you posted a while ago about your branch, but I am wondering how it impacts your lives to have church on the first day of the weekend (is there less stress about being ready the day before, or more?) and if you know why it is in the first day of the weekend. :-)

I am glad you are settling in. If going forward is hard, maybe you should fly the other way around the globe next time. ;-)

Crys said...

I also must know the dance party playlist ;)

Yvonne Anderson said...

Please tell me Carrefour is now selling black beans!

Bridget said...

The songs are Call Me Maybe, Payphone, Somebody That I Used to Know, We Found Love, Wild Ones, and Good Time. More than five, I guess.

The specialty food isn't that exciting: canned tomatoes. Sorry, Yvonne. Until the other day, Spinney's was the only one who sold the kind that isn't horribly acidic. Picky, I know, but one bad can of tomatoes ruins a whole soup...

Bridget said...

Driving in Boston is the closest to overseas that I've seen. That place is insane.

Crys said...

What!!!! Liz lives in Indiana? I demand to know where! We live in Indianapolis! Maybe we can be the founding members of the Midwest chapter of the Bridget fan club! I have wild one on my running mix! I almost asked you last week if you'd seen it in the music video where they are parachuting in dubaii but was then to embarrassed to own up to the fact that I need it to get to my "jogger's high" :)


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