Thursday, September 20, 2012

Profanity and kids' names

How's this for random?

1. Swear words I would use, if I were the kind of person to swear. By the way, I am not the kind of person to swear. It has never been a challenge for me and I can honestly say that I have never cursed in my life. So I can say without the risk of tempting myself that if I were ever to swear, it would be to say, as an exclamation, "hot damn." Don't you love that expression? I love that expression. Also: the word "bastard." Such a versatile term. You can use it to joke, you can use it to be serious. The closest polite word is "rascal" but it doesn't carry the same heft.

2. Baby names I used to not like but which have grown on me. Don't read on if you don't want to find out that I used to not like your kid's name.

Halen (for a boy). When I first heard it, I thought, "whaaa?" Now, I mean it when I say that Halen is a really cool name and I love it.

Britannia (for an American girl, born in Britain). Again, I thought it was weird at first (I know, says me, mother of two children with place-derived middle names), but really, Britannia is quite possibly the perfect tribute name for a baby born in the UK. Don't you think?

Abish. I'm not a huge fan of Book of Mormon names in general but Abish is a rock star name for a girl, once you warm up to it. I know a little Abish here and she even lives up to the name.

I know I have more of these, but I am too afraid of offending people. Also, I can't remember them right now.

Anyone want to chime in on #1 or #2? And yes, I realize that I've just given you license to tell me that you don't like my kids' names. Bring it on.


Liz Johnson said...

Granted, I'm somebody who swears with a bit of regularity (although usually under my breath or in my head), but I don't think "damn" or "bastard" are really swear words. They're impolite words, but I just don't put them up there with some of the other ones. Especially using "bastard" as a verb or adjective - the bastardized version of Romeo & Juliet, for example. HA! It carries so much meaning. I don't like using it as an insult, though - calling somebody a "bastard" would elevate it to a swear word in my mind.

And yes, "hot damn" is an awesome phrase. I admit having an ongoing struggle with yelling "dammit" when I stub my toe. I try to rationalize it with the fact that I am literally damning the offending piece of furniture to hell, but... yeah, probably not my finest use of language.

"Halen" sounds like the kid of parents who are stuck in the 80's rock metal scene. I can't think of anything but lots of awesome 80's rock hair. VAN HALEN!!!!!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Britannia is a cool name and a mouthful too. Sarah Palin's youngest has the middle name Van Halen.

I agree w/ Liz on the use of bastard; it's mostly acceptable.

When you remember those other names, please come forward!

Bridget said...

I agree that profanity falls along a spectrum, and these two I mentioned are pretty tame. I don't recall using "bastardized" in its proper form, ever. That is a shame.

If you knew the Halen parents, you might wish YOU were stuck in the 80s rock metal scene. I kind of do.

Scotty P said...

I'm going to start saying "hot damn" regularly.

Glenda The Good said...

I use a lot of British swear words in my head. I can't help it...I watch a lot of BBC. As for bastard, being one myself I prefer to see the term moved to describe rude people. Puts the pressure off of me :) My most favorite swear word is douchebag which Dr. J finds particularly offensive (and in all honestly he is right about not wanting the kids to start using it) so you'll often hear me and my siblings talking about that "D" bag or just "D". We knew people who had a daughter name America. I originally thought it was so lame but as I grew to love her I grew to love the name and when Cheetah was born I snuck it on the list. Luciana and Justice are also names that have grown on me to the point that I bring them up with a hypothetical fifth child that will 99% chance not even exist. I want to name a child Chase Justice...which my husband has rightly said is ridiculous but I still love :) Britannia is awesome. If I had a kid in Britain I would not be above using that. It makes me sad we didn't name Gigi Petra sometimes :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Ha - when I read the title of the post I thought it was going to be about lame parents who give their children awful names. Like the parents who lost custody of the child they named Adolf Hitler. (Although the news reports said that was not the reason they lost custody. Still.) I am happy for the children of the world that this was two separate posts.

Most of the "not-my-favorite-but-they've-grown-on-me" baby names are attached to my own grandchildren. Probably I'm not a bad grandma, but I can be opinionated. Ender. Kenadi (spellin issues). More spelling issues with Abbigail and Arora (a palindrome). Speaking of spelling, I have a high school student (male) named Jaxun. He seems so normal!

Kitty Crazy! said...

After reading the baby names you now like, I think I'm glad you probably won't be needing them! However, I absolutely love the names Miriam and Magdalena (and Bridget, by the way)!

Susanne said...

Never heard of Abish. How do you say it?

I think your girls have pretty names.

Oh swear words....I wish I could say them without feeling guilty.

Jessie said...

Ninety nine problems but Abish ain't one.

(I didn't invent that, but I can't remember where I heard it so I can't give proper credit.)

dave said...

Susanne, it just takes some practice. Stay with it until the guilt departs.

Abu Halen said...

That Halen kid rocks so hard. Glad you've come around Bridget. :)

Blog Author said...
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Kristen said...

Am I one of the ones you don't want to offend? I kind of assumed you'd think of August as a crazy name from one of those lists of hideous choices. ?? Don't be shy now, I can take it!

Bridget said...

I love August! I love the girls' name Aurelia and August to me seems like a similar name to that, for boys.

Kristen said...

We loved Aurelia from Love Actually - one of our favorite movies!


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