Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14th, outsourced

I kind of think candy-corn Oreos would be disgusting...but I also kind of want to try them.

I had heard bits and pieces of this story - involving Iceland, a war bride, professional genealogists, and a really bad dude - over the years, but here it is all wrapped up and in one place. [HT Suzanne]

I discovered this blog while searching for iconic images of the siege of Sarajevo. Pretty neat stuff.

A template for every awful political discussion you've ever witnessed on Facebook. [HT Bryce]

I cannot even tell you how much I LOVED this photo album of Barbie and Ken's wedding. [HT Jessie]

C-section vs. epidural vs. "natural" - I found the end of this article to be haunting.

Boys' names have kind of stayed the same over the years. Girls' names...not so much. [HT Kathy]


Amanda said...

They reported in the candy corn Oreos during the news update in NPR. I was so confused, "was that a commercial or a news story?"

Glenda The Good said...

From a self realized Lazy activist I think Candy Corn Oreos either have to be one of the best things on the planet or the worst....I just don't think there is room for middle ground here. You remember the good old days when m&ms were just the originals and Oreo's just needed to be bought because they were delicious even if they were horrible for you. Sometimes I get tired of the holiday stick that most candy/cookie companies do. My exception to this is the peppermint white chocolate Hershey kisses, because those are just delicious!

Timothy Browning said...

I love me some candy corn. I love seasonal sweets, personally, sorry Glenda. But then I love all sweets. Further, people always doubt new oreo flavors, but they are always good.

Also, that template is missing the general authority quote.


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