Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28th, outsourced

"A Vigorous Man" - a poem about Mitt Romney made up of words from a doctor's note.

The luckiest truck driver in Russia. [HT someone...can't remember who, sorry]

A member of the United Reformed Church attended a Mormon worship service. Interesting impressions. [HT Sindi]

A love story in 22 pictures. [HT Sarah]

I think maybe the internet is broken, because this lovely thing happened. [HT a few people on FB]

A taxi driver in Dubai who returned 36,000dhs (almost $10k) left in his cab received a whopping 10dhs ($2.70) as a reward. I think a reward of nothing would have been less insulting...but the dude has a pretty good attitude about it.


Liz Johnson said...

"Jesus turned the water to wine and the Mormons turned it back again. Go figure."

Hahahahaha. So true. I had never thought of it that way.

Susanne said...

I enjoyed the impressions of the lady who visited a Mormon service especially since I just finished reading a book about someone who left her Mormon faith. (I found the book at a library sale, and since I'm somewhat interested in Mormonism, I bought it. It was interesting reading more about your beliefs especially from someone who was "born" Mormon and grew up in Provo.)

I love the response of that Sikh woman - what a gracious way to handle it!

Kathy Haynie said...

A while ago my son (David - Funny Clean Videos) sent me this link for another fun "outsider" look at Mormon church meetings. The entire premise of the blog is that the writer went to a different church every Sunday for 52 weeks.

Truck accident = wow. And how random is it that another driver was right behind the truck that swerved, with a camera running? Do people really drive around with a camera going all the time?

Thank you for posting the story about the Sikh woman. Good story, and I learned some new things about another faith, along with appreciating her awesome take on life.

Bridget said...

I wonder - was it Leaving the Saints, by Martha Beck?

Susanne said...

Yes. You're a good guesser! :)

As I told someone else I take leaving faith stories with a huge grain of salt because I realize many people leaving a faith probably won't portray it in a fair light. It just so happened both books I found in the half hour I was at the book sale before they closed were about people who lost their faiths.

The first was a former evangelical-turned-(almost) Catholic who lost his faith after reporting on the religion beat for a newspaper. It was a lot about the child abuse in the Catholic church. I had no idea Martha Beck's book would touch on the same issue. I didn't have time to scan the book because the people were turning out the lights wanting to close. So I bought it on a whim.

I'm very much outside Mormon circles (I only read a few Mormon bloggers like you, Liz, some lady from Canada who lives nearby, and Sarah) so I've never heard of Martha or her dad. I did look him up since she made him out to be so famous.

Have you read it? I know it's kind of old. So I wonder if she were proven mentally insane or something and she made all that stuff up.

Bridget said...

Yes, I've read it! I didn't think much of it, honestly. Beck is a good writer but her story didn't ring true. And I'm not the only one who thought so.


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