Friday, September 07, 2012

September 7th, outsourced

I find this so inexplicable: in Saudi Arabia, starting soon, "taxi drivers will be banned from random passenger pickups at various locations, from airports and hospitals to shopping malls and offices, as well as transport stations." Let us know how that works for you, Saudi!

Dude forgot Harrison Ford in [SPOILER ALERT] What Lies Beneath. That movie totally played on us banking that HF was the good guy.

In Paralympics news: classification of disability, and a photo round-up.

The thinking behind The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure.


I'll, uh, let the headline say it: Woman shoots and decapitates rapist and dumps his severed head in the village square. [HT Eric D. Snider]

Did you used to read like this? I used to read like this.

How do you read books now?

Ooh, the new Kindles!

This guy explains pretty well why I waited to watch both seasons of Downton Abbey properly on iTunes.


Liz Johnson said...

Ohhhhh man. "If the girls were dressed respectably, no-one would touch them," one of them said. "It's the way girls dress that makes guys come on to them. The girls came wanting it - even women in niqab." This makes me want to arm every woman in Egypt with a machete and/or a blow-torch. Do these women have any kind of legitimate legal recourse? Can I safely assume that sexual assault/harassment isn't well-prosecuted in Egypt (just like in the rest of the world)?

Also, I can't find that Eric D. Snider article, but I read about it before, and while it pains me that this woman had to go to such extremes, I applaud her willingness to act in her own self-defense. NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THAT, EVER.

I have never seen "What Lies Beneath." I feel like I missed a huge part of pop culture.

I am totally a Delayed Onset Reader #1 type. I have the best of intentions, man.

Bridget said...

I added the missing link. Sorry about that!

Melody said...

Yes, I used to read like that. And now, I am a Chronological Reader. And it DOES make me feel horrible when I don't finish a book.

Kathy Haynie said...

I used to read like that, too. Maybe I'm old enough to have started the trend of reading under the covers with a flashlight, back in the 50s. At least I didn't know of anyone else who did it then, but now my granddaughters do it.

Now I wake up at 4:30 every morning (not my choice...middle-aged insomnia...) and I check blogs and email and Instagram on my touch-iPod for a while. Sometimes I can go back to sleep, sometimes not. It dawned on me when I read this that my iPod is kind of like a 21st century flashlight in bed.

How do I read now? Not enough. Almost all nonfiction when I do read. I miss having time to read.

Crys said...

These have been my favorite outsources probably in the last few months.

-Saudia Arabia do we really need to make taxis harder to get, really?
-What lies beneath, best HF movie ever. Also Orlando the hair alone is enough to turn that movie into the horror category.
-Paraolympics! Hello amazing! A person swimming with no arms...I mean seriously, AMAZING!
-Egypt get your crappy act together. Maybe someone should tell them about the Turkey lady, speaking of, that story was sad and crazy and just bizarre.
-Love the new kindles. My kindle fire might not be an ipad but I use it everyday and at just 139 bucks (I bought a refurbished one) I have zero qualms about the kids using it, dropping it, whatever. I'd love to get one of the new ones....
-When I was a kid I used to always have a book in my hands. I'd read while walking. I did an entire year of high school where I read during all my lunch periods. I'd read at the table. In bed. All night in bed, like until the sun came up, oh no. I'd read while going to the bathroom. In the tub. In the shower. Sometimes I'd have a book in my car and read at stoplights...I mean seriously the whole thing is kind of gross and scary :) Now I find myself reading less and watching more TV (especially comedies that last 21 minutes..thank you netflix). It isn't that I prefer TV to reading it's just I struggle to be able to push through books like I used to and a sitcom is done in less than half an hour. Darn those kids who want dinner and the laundry that needs to be done and my husband who says, "Are you ever going to get out of that tub!" Sometimes when a book just isn't going that well for me I'll skip to the back and read the end. Then if I have time I'll go back and read the rest but usually I only read the whole book on stuff that flows well....Kathy I do the same thing with my iphone. I'll wake up at some totally ridiculous hour and I'll hit my phone and see if anything new is posted or I'll get in bed and I'll go to sleep listening to a radio lab or freakanomics podcast or sometimes I'll even put a netflix show on and it has it's own backlight and I'll kind of keep it tented under the covers so as not to disturb my hubby because he thinks I'm nuts. But I've never been a particularly good sleeper and so I figure, hey why the heck not :)


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