Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12th, outsourced

If you don't at least crack a smile at this, then we can no longer be friends. "She doesn't know what I do, but she knows who I AM." You go, Daniel Craig. [HT Cat]

Girls at a Utah high school were turned away from the homecoming dance, because of "inappropriate dresses." I get that there need to be standards but take a look at the pictures of said "inappropriate dresses" - this is ridiculous.

10 Words you Literally Didn't Know You Were Getting Wrong. I referred to the i.e./e.g. example just yesterday! [HT Jen]

Also from Jen - and I hope you can all see it - is this lovely, hilarious picture. I think it would make a great Explain This Image if taken out of context. [Edited to add: I don't think you can see it. So Jen emailed me a genuine copy of the photo - Thanks! Her caption: "Fact #1: Sometimes hawks circle my parents' house eyeing my mother's chickens. Fact #2: Sometimes all my mother can find at a moment's notice to scare away said hawks is a light saber. Fact #3: It's awesome."]

Ten McDonald's items you won't find in the US. That Paneer Wrap sounds DELISH.

"The mythical creatures, the unicorns of politics" - black Mormons on The Daily Show. [HT Andrew]

Fans of This American Life will love Ira Glass' AMA.

You make bunny cry, Lance Armstrong.

Beautiful pictures of weddings around the world.


Susanne said...

I am surprised at the dress code of that PUBLIC high school! Sounds like something more in line with the Christian school I attended. Wow.

I love that picture of the lady with the light saber!!

And I thought of you when I saw the black Mormon segment on The Daily Show the other day. Ha. There's like - what? - 21 of them? :)

The wedding photos are awesome! Very nice to see a Christian ceremony in Pakistan and the Jewish man dancing with the rabbi for his bride. Hmmm. It was good seeing some Syrians in this group. Wow, that Druze lady's dress! The flower girls in Ghana are too cute. As is the dog in the pink sweater...hehe. Awww, the couple remarrying each other - how nice. Ohhh, the last one is great! I love the kids' faces. OK, I enjoyed that way too much. Thank you for sharing that link!

Jen said...

For the record, my mother REALLY IS that awesome. (And also fiercely protective of her chickens. You should see their coop. It's like the Hilton.)

Liz Johnson said...

I want a McMollete. And one of those Paneer sandwiches. Yum. Why can't American McDonald's chains carry some of this stuff?!

I admit that I mix up i.e./e.g. all the time.

Freaking Tooele. This whole modesty obsession is completely out of control.

Could somebody please explain reddit to me? I don't get it.

My favorite part of the Jon Stewart clip was when she had them finish "the roof is on fire." I belly-laughed at that one.

LOVED the wedding photos!

Crys said...

"Who'd want to look at you?" We got a good laugh out of that! Loved the wedding pics. Jason and I saw the daily show skit a couple of days ago. John Stewart is pretty much the only thing getting me through this election. I loved the "do you notice the only angry black man is the republican." I just didn't get the roof is on fire thing because Jason is the only person I know who ever sings that song is Jason but he says it was Mormon because of the way she ended it. He says the original says "let the mf burn". Who knows though. The dance thing was kind of annoying. I say this with all seriousness, has the church ever considered putting some of it's resources into franchising shabby apple or mod of or whatever. I'm tired of having modesty discussions. I just want to see cute, stylish affordable clothing I can wear out there to be tried on and bought. Make it easy and stylish instead of dogmatic and difficult.

Bridget said...

I don't get Reddit in general, either, but the two AMAs I've read there (Ken Jennings and Ira Glass) were brilliant.


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