Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting sick is no longer the end of the world

Speaking from my experience as both a SAHM and a go-to-work mom, I can definitively say that getting sick is so much more terrifying when you're a SAHM. I remember the days when both my girls were very young and the mere thought of waking up with a scratchy throat filled me with panic, because (and I know you've heard this before) moms don't get to take a day off work. All that stuff you have to do every day when you're a mom? You still have to do it when you're sick. And those people you're dealing with, those tiny, cute people? They don't care if you feel like you got hit by a truck and they will continue to make unreasonable demands.

Contrast this with going in to work, assuming you don't take the day off. Yeah, you still have to do stuff but at least you're surrounded by people who possess the powers of reasoning.

The point is, I'm sick, and this actual conversation happened via phone between Jeremy and me this afternoon:

Jeremy: How are you feeling?
Me: Pretty awful.
Jeremy: Why don't you stay home from class tonight, then?
Me: Because I will get more "rest" sitting in class than I will being at home.

TRUE. Being sick doesn't scare me at all when I'm heading in to teach a class at 8am or sitting through one of my own in the afternoon/evenings. It scares me when it's just me and the girls, mano a mano, plus a whole pile of housework to do and dinner to be cooked.

Which reminds me of another benefit of having a nanny - I can let all that housekeeping stuff really and truly slide, and just rest if I need to. Plus, tonight I was all set to plow my way through making a high-effort dinner when Carol (the nanny) reminded me that I had made two pizzas last week and one of them was still in the freezer, ready to be popped in the oven. Bless you forever, Carol. Bless you and your superior memory.

In conclusion, it's not fair that I'm sick because I was already sick this season. I get sick once in the fall and once in the spring, like clockwork, but this is round two for Fall 2012 and I'm not happy about it. I was sick in early October and feeling pretty smug about it because I got it out of the way so soon. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! I've actually thought about this very issue even though I'm not a mom. I got quite sick for an extended period of time last fall. Dealing with work was hard enough even though my management was understanding because I ran though a large amount of leave in a short period of time and I felt guilty about other people having to pick up tasks I would normally do. But I have no idea whatsoever what I would have done if I'd had children depending on me.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Of the many times I was sick as a SAHM, the worst one was a major bout w/ flu, the real deal, when Steven was little. It was so bad I unwillingly took to my bed because I truly couldn't stand or sit up. While I was lying there half dead, and my 2-year-old was running around, I kept seeing flashes of light through my shut eyes. After a while I cracked an eye open just to make sure it wasn't the effects of illness. There was Steven having a hey-day with our camera, taking pictures of everything, including me. And I didn't even care.

Jennifer said...

I have had the stomach flu three times in the last year. Awful! By some miracle, each has been on a day when my husband has been home from work--Saturday, holidays. I am so grateful for that because I seriously could not function on those days. I do not know what I would have done without his help, if I had been on my own like I am on most days.

I hope your health improves soon!


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