Saturday, November 03, 2012

Man Food

We were in Jumeirah (an expat-heavy neighborhood of Dubai - seriously, it's like California over there and I catch myself staring at all the blonde people wearing shorts) on Thursday and since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at a store called Park & Shop. It's a grocery store that caters to Westerners and the shelves are glorious to behold. You could make a serious hobby of cataloging all the Western delicacies that are available at different stores (and for different prices) in the UAE. More and more often, I find myself feeling relieved that we live in Sharjah where Western stuff isn't easily available. My grocery budget (and my willpower) couldn't handle it.

That said, it's fun to take home a few tastes of America every once in a while. At Park & Shop, we spotted OreIda potato products.

Jeremy and I are the original OreIda (I'm from Ore, he's from Ida).

Jeremy saw Hamburger Helper at Park & Shop and he bought two boxes to take home. I have no idea how much they cost, but any amount would be too much, in my opinion. I don't like that stuff. Jeremy knows it. He cooked up a batch when we got home. The girls and I ate something else and he had his Hamburger Helper all to himself.

He offered some to Carol (our nanny) and she took one whiff (and possibly a small taste) and said no thanks. She tried to buffer her refusal by qualifying it but she couldn't find the right words. "It's too has too doesn't..." I totally understand, Carol. Jeremy just laughed and told her it's ok, it's Man Food. Those were the words she was looking for! Her face brightened and she said yes! It's Man Food! And that's why the rest of us didn't eat it.


Jen said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, shoot. Are you telling me that America's worst-kept secret has gone international? It's not like Americans are known for their sophisticated taste in food or anything....

But, Ore-Ida? HELLO! Awesome!

Crys said...

Oh Jeremy, WOW! Every time I see a Jeremy pic I think what is Bridget doing with Eminem. You should totally sue him for stealing your look :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I'm surprised you even know what Hamburger Helper is. Oh, you learned it from Jeremy. Just don't tell ACW about it. Man food isn't allowed around here. His version is to brown a pound of ground beef, add a can of pork n beans and half a bottle of catsup. And oh yeah--don't drain the grease off the hamburger. Makes HH look pretty good, eh?

Yay for Ore-Ida! I smile every time I pass their plant in Caldwell.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

PS: I like that photo of you.

Liz Johnson said...

I remember my parents buying SPAM because they saw it at Costco in Mexico and they felt all nostalgic. Then they made fried spam sandwiches for dinner. I don't know if that was Man Food, too, but it definitely wasn't regular, good-tasting food. /shudder

Craig said...

I've never heard of hamburger helper. Tell me more.


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