Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16th, outsourced

Why doesn't James Bond ever go to really dangerous countries?

You guys, I remember when this WAS the internet: an AOL commercial from 1995.

This (Agnes DeMille/Aaron Copeland + Gangnam Style) is even weirder than that time someone did a mashup of the themes from The X-Files and Downton Abbey.

Five men rescued four people from a fire at a villa in Ras al Khaimah last week.

Eastern/Western perspectives on learning. I recall hearing this idea years ago and it really stuck with me, to the point that I never (or seldom) tell my kids to their face that they're smart or intelligent. I want them to know that learning is hard work.

Track Romney's Facebook de-likes in real time. [HT Crys]

Hahahaha, describing a spaceship using only the first thousand words. [HT Andrew]

Six real-life horror movies. [HT someone...can't remember who, sorry]

Jeremy and I actually lost sleep for laughing so hard at this late at night the other day. [HT Scotty]


  1. Ok, that last link had me snort-laugh out loud. HAHAHAHA. So true. I never knew I could count that as exercise!

    That AOL commercial is crazy. I can't believe that was only 17 years ago. Actually, I can't believe 17 years have passed. I am so old.

  2. I really like the rocket ship. Especially the line at the bottom.

  3. Also, what if you had only had the internet for 5 days?

  4. --May I never call my sons smart again.

    Instead, I'll say either, "Perhaps you need something that causes more struggle..." or "Look at you? You did it after a mighty struggle!"

    Either way, failure will not be tolerated.

  5. Are there not fire department in the UAE? Is it unusual for grade school age kids to be taught what to do in case of a fire?


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