Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16th, outsourced

Why doesn't James Bond ever go to really dangerous countries?

You guys, I remember when this WAS the internet: an AOL commercial from 1995.

This (Agnes DeMille/Aaron Copeland + Gangnam Style) is even weirder than that time someone did a mashup of the themes from The X-Files and Downton Abbey.

Five men rescued four people from a fire at a villa in Ras al Khaimah last week.

Eastern/Western perspectives on learning. I recall hearing this idea years ago and it really stuck with me, to the point that I never (or seldom) tell my kids to their face that they're smart or intelligent. I want them to know that learning is hard work.

Track Romney's Facebook de-likes in real time. [HT Crys]

Hahahaha, describing a spaceship using only the first thousand words. [HT Andrew]

Six real-life horror movies. [HT someone...can't remember who, sorry]

Jeremy and I actually lost sleep for laughing so hard at this late at night the other day. [HT Scotty]


Liz Johnson said...

Ok, that last link had me snort-laugh out loud. HAHAHAHA. So true. I never knew I could count that as exercise!

That AOL commercial is crazy. I can't believe that was only 17 years ago. Actually, I can't believe 17 years have passed. I am so old.

Katie Lewis said...

I really like the rocket ship. Especially the line at the bottom.

Katie Lewis said...

Also, what if you had only had the internet for 5 days?

JosephJ said...

--May I never call my sons smart again.

Instead, I'll say either, "Perhaps you need something that causes more struggle..." or "Look at you? You did it after a mighty struggle!"

Either way, failure will not be tolerated.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Are there not fire department in the UAE? Is it unusual for grade school age kids to be taught what to do in case of a fire?


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