Friday, November 02, 2012

November 2nd, outsourced

I wrote last week's Outsourced post a few days early since we were traveling, so we have a lot of links to get through today. I hope I remember to give credit where it is due! Let me know if I miss you.

Seven famous people who missed the Titanic.

I love this: scenes from WWII photoshopped onto today's streets. Don't you ever wonder about your surroundings and what happened there 10, 20, 30, 100+ years ago? I do.

This story about two kids who almost drowned in a hotel swimming pool - and the two maids who DID drown, trying to save them - is just sad all around. This Gulf News account is clearer than some other articles I read but I still don't really understand how this could have happened.

Yeah, sometimes you totally should judge a book by its cover. Yet another reason why I love my Kindle - it is no respecter of covers.

I'm so glad these two young hikers are safe! [HT Kathy]

I love Jeremy because he sends me weird links like this (weird exercise equipment) while I'm sleeping so I have something to laugh at in the morning.

In Hurricane Sandy news: some popular photos that were actually fake; and should the NY Marathon go on?

In Syria news: one couple's humanitarian mission in refugee camps in Jordan; and an article in FP written by an AUB professor about his recent visit to Syria.

Aside from giving me Witness flashbacks, this article about grain silo accidents terrified me.

A father's case against breastfeeding. I really like what he's saying, but I can't get past the part where he's excited about having his sleep interrupted.

Oh, Japan. [HT Katie]

Finally, The Guide to Trading Candy. I love black licorice, by the way. [HT Kristen]


Jessie said...

Wow. Thank you for posting the article about the grain elevator deaths; I had chills the whole time. Jon almost died in a grain bin when he was 19. Some idiot turned on the auger when he was inside. Luckily there was a coworker in there with him to drag him to safety after the blade knocked him over and started to crawl up his leg. Shudder.

Scotty P said...

Those exercise gifs made me laugh.

Bridget said...

Oh my gosh! After reading that article, I think it's safe to say he was really really lucky to escape. Wow.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The exercise stuff is hilarious, especially #2, and the guy's pony tail is the icing on the cake. And the smile on #4's face makes him into a pervert.

Farm dangers abound. My friend's brother got sucked up by an auger in a grain elevator; it ripped off his shoes and ripped his clothes, yet he walked away. Frank Norris's The Octopus about California wheat farmers, features a part about a guy caught in a silo; you can "drown" in a silo just by breathing in the chaff in the air.

Liz Johnson said...

My great-grandpa died in a silo, but I think it was a fire, not being suffocated by grain. That sounds horrific. Ugh...

I was going through our library's most popular Kindle books and losing faith in humanity by just looking at the covers they showed. Most of them featured shirtless men with hairless chests and a woman with a dress ripped half off. Sigh. My library is majorly lacking in the non-fiction-on-kindle department.

Susanne said...

"Don't you ever wonder about your surroundings and what happened there 10, 20, 30, 100+ years ago?"

Yes, I think about this sometimes when I'm sitting on my porch enjoying a quiet evening, reading and taking breaks to watch the birds. I wonder who used this land or owned it. And I especially think this way when I'm around historical sites. Cemeteries make me reflective as does traveling. In Nuremberg earlier this year, I tried to imagine it filled with Hitler and his supporters. And Damascus - I thought back to the apostle Paul on his way there.

The article on Japan was interesting!

I'm going to read the ones on Syria tomorrow.

Thanks for the good links!

Jen said...

Ummmm....the prevalence of farm injuries IN THESE COMMENTS ALONE is making me sad. (And also reminding me that there's an entirely new realm of injury and/or death to which I can now allocate a chunk of my anxiety.)

Also? I found the breast feeding article to be thoughtful and compelling. Of my two children, one was exclusively formula fed...the other was exclusively breast fed...Both for very specific reasons. Both seem to have weathered it well and neither have weird deformities as a result. Sometimes we all just need to calm down about some things, you know?

Jeremy Palmer said...

The WWII shots are amazing. Thanks for the great post!

Katie Lewis said...

The kitty storm is amazing.

Craig said...

I vote for the candy trading video. I laughed and laughed!


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