Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two things teeth

1. We found a great pediatric dentist for the girls in Dubai. At first, I was taking them to the minimalist, cheap, no-frills dentist in Sharjah but they weren't having it (that is to say, they were terrified of going to the dentist). So I found a nice, cushy dentist for them, a sweet Iraqi American lady who knows how to work with kids. She's amazing. Magdalena had a small cavity earlier this month and the dentist filled it in about eight minutes total, without using anesthetic, and Magdalena sat still during the whole thing. Here she is inspecting the dentist's work.

2. Miriam lost her sixth tooth today. When I was a kid, I remember wiggling my loose teeth all the time with my tongue or finger, so the whole process (slightly loose to lost and out of my mouth) was over in a few days. Not so with Miriam. She barely wiggles her loose teeth so they hang on by a thread for weeks and weeks. The usual pattern is that after it gets to be too hard for her to eat, she works up enough courage to have Dad pull the tooth out. Or, as was the case today, she just yanked it out herself, while watching Dad's softball game. Whatever works!


Tia said...

Now that's my kind of dentist. Abigail plays with her loose teeth until they get to the point of hanging by a thread so I tell her either she needs to pull it or I will. She usually does within a day or so. (A hanging tooth has a greater chance of infection which is a great motivator.)

iremi nisces said...

She sooooooo Cute! What do I know.. Come have a read of "What Is Love?"


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