Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th, outsourced

Even though it's going to offend some/a lot of you, and even though I already offended some/a lot of you on fb and/or Twitter, I'm going to post it here again: I don't like Elf on the Shelf. There, I said it. Can I still be American?

Bad/awkward/unintentionally hilarious academic writing culled from textbooks.

I absolutely cannot vouch for the lyrics and/or videos but in any case, this mashup of songs from 2012 was pretty neat. And yes, all music does sound the same these days.

Earlier this week, Terry Waite (author of Taken on Trust) returned to Lebanon to the scene of his kidnapping.

A Hello Kitty beauty spa, right here in Dubai! [HT Sarah]

The seven countries where the state can execute you for being an atheist. The UAE is not one of them. Hooray?

This guide to everyday American life, written by a Russian, sounds like it would be so much fun to read. Why do we hire teenage babysitters?

Google's look back at 2012.

From 1941-1945, "the United States" was the most common 3-word constituent in the English corpus. More fun at Evolution of the Most Common English Words and Phrases over the Centuries. [HT Kaylee]


Susanne said...

"Mr Waite also warned that the Arab Spring had become a force of "oppression" and chaos in neighbouring countries."

Interesting perspective

Ariana said...

Don't feel bad. I hate the Elf on the Shelf too, and think it's totally stupid.

Tia said...

Is it sad that I just learned what Elf on the Shelf is? I've seen it around but didn't know what it was for.

Liz Johnson said...

My friend on FB just posted a picture of a doll (that is missing one eyeball) holding a pencil upside-down with the following:

"We couldn't afford an "Elf on the Shelf," but I found an "Elf Hiding Under the Bed" at the Dollar Store. Our kids aren't having as much fun as it seems everyone else is though. This morning Helga erased the kids homework, so now they have to stay in from recess to get it done.

Should have just spent the money for the real one. :("

Cracked me the heck up.

That music video was amazing!

I'm glad they don't execute atheists in the UAE. Curious - what are offenses that can get you executed there?


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