Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st, outsourced

I'm sure many of you read the "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" article. In the interest of context, here is a response to that article.

Sometimes Buzzfeed can make you smile when nothing else does. Here are the 40 cutest things that happened in 2012. Also, 20 reasons why it was cool to be Mormon in 2012. [HT Liz]

Stalker robot horse = equal parts terrifying + hilarious (the latter especially at the 2:10ish mark).

One of the links I put up last week (about a guide to US daily life, for Russians) claimed that there is no word for "privacy" in Russian. Language Log investigated (there really isn't, it turns out).

Also re: words: 2012's worst, according to some people who really pay attention to this stuff.


Liz Johnson said...

Here's the thing - even if Lisa Long completely misrepresented herself and her son (in which case, that's a really awful thing to do), there are still mothers out there with kids like that. So I think that article still highlights the need for reform in how we deal with kids with mental health issues, particularly the angry/violent ones.

That Jeff Benedict article was beautiful. I still can't comprehend the Sandy Hook thing. I have gone to bed thinking about it every night since.

I am sad that I read that worst-of-words article, mostly because now I know the term "butt-chugging." UGH. (hahaha, I wrote that before reading the whole article, and then I saw "ugh." CLASSIC.)

For supposedly being a stalker, that horse sure isn't stealthy. Also, it needs a face. It looks like a beheaded zombie mammal.

Bridget said...

Agreed re: Adam Lanza article lady. There's just so much crazy information flying around about that whole event and I thought this, at least, would give that one article some context. For example, the father of one of the Columbine victims did not just testify before a special session of Congress - that was like ten years ago and it wasn't a special session of Congress. And Morgan Freeman didn't say that stuff. And Huckabee's remarks about school prayer in schools were more insensitive than insightful. ANYWAY.

JosephJ said...

GRIEF. That was a thought-provoking article.

Retort to "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" seemed a bit contrived. As in: the context and trending of a mom blog in past years has included hyperbole, sarcasm, and venting, yet the response author wanted to take her words literally. A little compassion would go a long way in realizing there's always more to the story. It's tough to see pain, but it's easy to misinterpret words. A tough day with kids can take even the most stable parent to the edge of apathy.

And I think this is my opportunity to comment on "Words: 2012 Edition" also. I have a relatively plain vocabulary, so when I hear things repeatedly, they stick out. Here are the ones I noticed in the context of Facebook and blog dialogues this year:
--"I might have..." to describe something that I actually did.
--"Exponentially" when someone really means linearly or "much more".
--"Beyond" --as though thrilled isn't good enough, you can be beyond thrilled.
--"love, love, love" is three times as strong.
--"fascinating" is what-- amazing? interesting? surprising? I bet Barbara Walters knows.
--"I know, right?"
--"yucky toxins" seems to juxtapose a childish word with a vague college chemistry word.
--"Punch in the face"
--"At worst..." Interesting construct, but used mostly to offer criticisms either way.
--"giggle" it's making a come-back.
--"Best _____ ever" that is, until the next _____ comes along.

I mean no offense to the users of these words. Just noticed that they were regularly represented in this year's diction.

Britney said...

LOVED Buzzfeed's 20 Reasons. What a year.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Most of that word list I never heard before. The phrase I cannot stand is "baby bump." It's demeaning and childish. Preggers is a close second. Can we all be adults and use the word pregnant? Or at the very least, the archaic version: expecting.

Liz Johnson said...

The one I really hate is "prego." I'm sorry, but that's a pasta sauce.

Kathy Haynie said...

I appreciate the links to Liza Long's post, and to Sarah Kendzior's counterpoint. Seems to me that the truth lies somewhere in between. (The comments below Sarah Kendzior's post were fascinating - I agree with most that Long's writing is sarcastic and hyperbolic and that Kendzior took things out of context, and I also agree that Long needs clearer boundaries around using her children's real names in posts like "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother." ) I am surprised that I have heard so little about Lanza's access to weaponry, including an assault rifle, in his own home. I pity an parent struggling with a troubled child; I cannot in my wildest imagination come up with a scenario where there is any logical reason to have guns within the home where the troubled child resides. (But then, I can' come up with logical reasons to have guns in homes, period.)

I appreciate the back story via Jeff Benedict's "Grief" post. Thank you.

No doubt about it, 2012 has been a fascinating year to be a Mormon, especially (I think) a Mormon woman.

Susanne said...

May I never again make myself sound like a serial killer by using "hehehe." Not sure I can stop using "ugh" though.

Lots of good articles!


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