Monday, December 17, 2012

Mac and cheese miracle

The next few sentences are not complaints. They're just necessary statements to set off the conclusion of this story.

My resolution to shop at a new, very small grocery store that is seven minutes away from my house has been working out really well. However, most weeks I have to shuffle my meal plan on the fly because of ingredients that are not available. I'm not talking about fancy cheese (I already know I can't get it there) or American imports (ditto) - on a regular basis, this store is out of key vegetables, or fruits, or meats, or whatever. Once in a while, though they make up for it with a random bounty of amazing food, like pomegranates for 50 cents/lb., or whole pineapples for $1.50 each, or that one time they had seedless (!!!) non-rotting (!!!) grapes for...well, it wasn't cheap, but they were GOOD.

Today was a low day, though, because they didn't have milk. MILK. They had a few 4-packs of the milk powder UHT stuff, but that stuff is awful. We are UHT snobs and only buy the UHT milk made from milk, not powder. So I was in a defeatist mood by the time I got to the last aisle: pasta. That's when I saw this:
I don't know who made a mistake such that a whole flat of real American macaroni and cheese was delivered to podunk mini-Carrefour in Sharjah, but I love them. Not for my own sake, but for my kids...and possibly my husband. Thank you, mystery macaroni and cheese orderer. It was almost worth not being able to buy milk. Almost.


Amanda Ball said...

But how could you make the Mac and cheese with no milk? Sounds like a twilight zone episode to me.

Crys said...

So the real question is, how many boxes did you buy????

Liz Johnson said...

I'm with Amanda - HOW DO YOU MAKE IT?!

I love mac and cheese. That sounds amazing right now.

Katie said...

What a cruel irony that you have no milk to make the Macaroni.
But I must point out that you are especially lucky, because they had Mac and Cheese spirals, which are INFINITELY better than original Mac and Cheese. But Three Cheese Macaroni is the best (if you were wondering)

Sarah Familia said...

I don't always eat processed food, but when I do I prefer Mac & Cheese. Actually, I haven't eaten it in years, but I still crave it sometimes. What a great find.

elliespen said...

Oh, man. This story has great potential as a "Got Milk?" commercial. And now all I can think of is Aaron Burr.

Bridget said...

I was able to make the mac and cheese because I splurged on real milk. Liquid gold.

Katie, the spirals might be better but they are sneaky because the box is a few ounces smaller.

Crys, do you see that dent in the stock of boxes on the third shelf down? I made that.


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