Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two things that blew my mind today

1. Miriam's school had a book fair this week and today she came home with a book of facts. We were flipping through it and I stumbled across this one. You guys, "United Arab Emirates" alternates consonants and vowels through the whole name of the country. WOAH. I mean, so does Qatar but that's not a big deal because it's a measly five letters.

2. In my Language Testing & Evaluation class today, the professor briefly went over some common ways that students cheat on exams. Now, I'd heard the rumors about wireless earpieces and magic watches like the rest of you, but I never really believed it. UNTIL NOW:

According to my professor, a student at AUS was caught with one of these watches recently. You'd better believe I'll be keeping an eye out for them at the next exam I proctor.


Steven said...

That watch seems like too much work. I think that while I'm preparing the text (to upload into the watch), I would have "studied" the information enough to actually do well on the test without cheating.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yeah, I agree w/ Steven. Not that I would ever take any road but the high one anyway. And now that we all know what this watch looks like, thanks to the thorough advertisement, how would students get away with using it?

Blair Walker said...

It will change your "lifes"? Apparently the person who wrote the ad relied too much on the watch during the grammar exam.


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