Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clarification re: Downton Abbey post, below (SPOILER FREE)

I think my referring to the post below as covering episodes 1, 2, and 3 has confused some people. Basically, if you are up to date with all the episodes that have aired on PBS, you can read that post without spoilers. PBS aired Episodes 1 and 2 together and maybe they only called it Episode 1? When I refer to Episode 3, I mean the one that aired on the second installment on PBS, on 13 January. Perhaps I will refer to them by date now to avoid any confusion or unintentional spoilers. But like I said, I am actually only able to see these episodes AFTER you people in the US so you should be safe logging on to see any Downton Abbey posts here when they come up.

Also, I'm moving the picture for that post to the bottom of the post so I don't give anything away in case a casual visitor to this blog has not seen Episode 3.



Julee said...

I have question. How do you watch Downton Abbey? Do you subscribe to hulu or pbs and therefore pay for the episodes or seasons? Because I want to watch them for free and so far I've failed. I do not have access to tv right now.

Bridget said...

You can watch it for free on pbs.org. It's probably right there on the main page or else click on Programs:Masterpiece and there will be something about watching it online.

If you want to pay $15ish you can buy a season pass on iTunes. The pbs.org only works if you are in the US.

Julee said...

So, a couple weeks ago after hearing several more people post about DA I decided to see what the hype was about. I am hyped about it. Jane Austin-type soap opera. Who thought it could get better than The Days of Our Lives? Not me;)
I watched the first season on Netflix. So the problem is watching Season 2. That is no longer available on pbs. Do I save my precious time and skip season 2 and just catch up with the current episodes? Or, an alternative?

Bridget said...

You can't just skip season 2. You won't understand what's going on in season 3! It's not on Netflix? Library DVDs, maybe? You might have to pay for it on iTunes...

Julee said...

Netflix only has S1, Library dvds? I don't know of a library that has any show dvds newer than 1995. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to catch up. But, nonetheless,I will take your advice and waste my time and apparently money with S2;)

I read your previous post on DA spoilerfied after I commented. I laughed because it answered my original question and sorry, but, its been a soap opera since the first episode. I mean, Thomas kissing that one ugly duke or whatever he was, come on, really? And then the Turkish guy dying whilst seducing Mary. And then Edith and Mary backstabbing each other. And, then... need I go on? Oh, don't forget the ambiguous timeline. I think it was the fourth or fifth episode of S1 that Bates mentioned he had been at Downton for 2 years. My brain started reeling back and, huh, I thought you started a few weeks ago Bates. Soap opera!


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