Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Downton Abbey (20 January episode)


Jeremy cannot stand Branson - - excuse, me, TOM. I think he's OK, but it's clear he reached his peak storyline form in Season 1. I have a feeling that someone is going to commit suicide before this season is over, and Branson is a strong candidate. Him, or Ethel, the fallen woman. Bless Mrs. Crawley's heart for her kindness.

I'm getting tired of Bates and Anna because they've turned into the Branson and Sybil of Season 2: nothing to do but sit around and talk about their love in a garage prison visiting room.

My favorite Lady Violet quips of the episode were her jabs at the ugly Irish castle.

Otherwise, a pretty quiet episode. I can't get over how lovely the hairstyles and dresses of the ladies are. And had I just not noticed before, or did the maids get new uniforms? Those were pretty, too.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Emily asked me how the aristocracy kept the fat away, when they never exert themselves and eat lavish meals they don't prepare. They may be slender on TV but I suspect in real life they were not. But who would watch a TV show about a bunch of flawed porkers?

I see elements of "Fiddler on the Roof" in the DA story. The all-wise traditional father's world is upset by his daughter's choices and struggles with a changing society.

Something has to give with Bates & Anna. Poor plain Daisy is going to be overshadowed. Edith may have found a career. Perhaps Sybil will be abandoned by 'Tom' when he chooses the Irish rebellion over her. Of course that would be only temporary as the Irish won the war; he would return to DA a vindicated hero. Well, not a hero in an English household, but in Sybil's eyes.

Jen said...

I've been disappointed in the glacial pace of the Anna/Bates story line. (It's still not as bad as season 2's I've-been-burned-beyond-recognition-in-the-war-and-have-amnesia-but-I-might-be-the-heir-of-Downton story line.)

I will say, however, that even though this episode seemed relatively benign (sorry, Mrs. Hughes, no pun intended), watching Ethel give her child away wrenched at my pregnant-and-hormonal little heart. I could barely take it.

Crys said...

I'm so sick of Branson. "My kid needs to be Irish." No offense dude but if you want to be revolutionary why did you run off with the Lord's daughter. Sleep with her maybe, but marry her? Well that is ridiculous! Bates has ruined Anna for me. I like the whole teaser for Thomas' sexual harassment. Seriously? I still love this show but sometimes the soap operaness embarrasses me :) Ethel made me sad, really sad. But I have been thinking on this topic a lot lately. Maybe it has been all the Call the Midwife, or watching Les Mis again, or my recent obsession with Dickens, or maybe it was Half the Sky, but the fact that we were born in a time and a place where the loss of a husband or premarital sex resulting in a pregnancy doesn't mean having to watch your children starve or sell your body while it was still any good, well that is just a pure blessing and we should make a concerted effort to help those not so lucky in the place they were born. As for Matthews discovery that the house was being mismanaged, well that is hardly a revelation is it ;-)

Jerry said...

Violet is the best. My favorite of her's was when Matthew and Lord Grantham come to dinner in black tie and she refers to them wearing their pajamas. :)

Timothy Browning said...

I'm disappointed that they gave Matthew another convenient moral escape and that Mary once again got her way. I know their supposed to be the central identifiable characters, like Jimi and Pam, but things just continue to work out too conveniently for them.

I knew things weren't going to work out for Edith, but I thought it would be revealed that she was just marrying for the money and for getting married. At least she kept her dignity.

Timothy Browning said...

I also really like the Branson story line. It complicates so much of what else is going on.


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